[3.23 UPDATED] Bergerbrush's Beginner Friendly Death's Oath Occultist

Hey. I'm new in this game and currently using leveling path in this build. How can i change to Stage1 path? there are a lot of different passives in tree and i dont have so much refund points. Ty
Leveling PoB: https://pobb.in/tQTLxLsIoZ8O
Stage 1 PoB ~ Level 80: https://pobb.in/kGZERyU372_s
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You can get 20 passive skill refund points by completing a side quest for each act during the campaign. After that, Orbs of Regret are random drops from monsters or strongboxes. You can buy them from vendors at the town hubs starting in act 2 if you really need them, or you can buy them from other players.
Hello im about to go first time SSF character. Do you think it can be good idea with this build? THx
Probably no changes to the build in 3.24 right?
Hello sir, i looked through poe ninja for some high pob number builds like this one..

How achievable is this gear do you think ? Highest dmg build I can find, 31 mill vaal caustic, my man was entering dot cap territory..


im really liking the idea of a high budget build like this for my 2nd character, since its a craft league and this 'late game" version utilizes alot of craftable items
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is there going to be any changes/updates for 3.24? Going to try this out.
Looking forward to 3.24

Probably a few changes right? Left click changes etc
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what do you guys play for league start til mapping, dont like throwing my flasks...
I saw someone post a caustic arrow leveling build in one of berger's posts. I am not a fan of throwing either, but I tried it out again yesterday with no gear and it did the job ok, clarity, vitality and agony. Stopped around level 40. Good luck
looks like i again start on this build 5 league in a row.. last league for 3 weeks i die 1000 times coz empowering mobs was really strong but for usual juicing maps i think this one of the best build

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