[3.19] Frost Blades Berserker (League Starter/Versatile Budget Build)

Looks like a really well put together build! Been a long time since I played FB so I very well may give it a go. And you did really well with the guide, super detailed and very clear that there's been a lot of time and effort put into setting this up. Hope the league treats you well!
@divinespartan thanks for the kind words, more to come!
So happy to see FB work done

Great work brother my respect to you

Keep it up
eldest-bike4 wrote:
So happy to see FB work done

Great work brother my respect to you

Keep it up

Thanks for the kind words!
We’re at 2 week mark and I’ve pushed this variant to a point where it can handle t14+ alch and go eldritch altar farming on around 1 divine budget (originally my one week goal but changes to the game and real life responsibilities happened and I’m satisfied nonetheless). We have occasional deaths to giga chad essence roll but have been steadily gaining xp even while running the end goal farming content.

Changes to rare mobs in particular have altered the way I approached a lot of things for the build but in the end I wanted to take a more defensive approach anyway so it all worked out. I’ve found myself in a position where the changes to the build have made other ascendancies potentially much more ideal and I’ll switch my focus to testing other options to make sure Berserker is the optimal choice. All content for Berserker variant will be updated before any other content is worked on any further than pob tinkering.

E: Tried some tinkering with Champ variant in pob. Not impressed with the results, expectations were higher. The shell of the build is insane defensively of course but the damage is just lackluster. Berserker seems, by all accounts, a better ascendancy to base this build around to accomplish what we want to offensively on a budget for single target. Will try Raider next. Current build is getting around 2m single target on 1 divine, around 3m on 5 divine, and about 5m on 10divine.
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Right before the 3 week mark I finished all non uber content with 5 div setup current prices. I don't have the type of availability some people have so outside the first day or two my play time goes way down. See no reason why this build cant accomplish day 1 eater/exarch kills and all content besides ubers in week 1. Uploaded new videos and I've officially began working on updating everything. Should be done within 2-3 days.

What's next?
Farm Mageblood (haven't had one yet)
Figure something out to approach uber pinnacle (scale this, try a Spectral Helix variant or try another build entirely designed for killing ubers on a budget?)
Practice berserker league start (im slow)
I'm currently playing this build and I love it so far.

What upgrades would you recommend me to be looking for next?

PoB link down here: https://pastebin.com/7vUPDVLz

Thanks a lot for the great work and fun build so far!
@draffyz thanks! Here’s a list of scaling options I would consider: (all of these being incorporated into the guide)

-self roll shaper ring; unset base 10-15c and 1c per screaming essence of spite—looking for intelligence/life/resists and an open prefix to bench craft “non-channeling skills have -x total mana cost” + decent mark of the elder + attack catalysts ~30c
-Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks: 3-3.5 divine for base gem
-Awakened Added Cold Damage 20-30c for base gem
-Large Thread of Hope + panopticon, art of the gladiator and rampart: 1 divine (if you have levels to support this)
-Phantasmal Ancestral Protector - 150c
-Blitz Forbidden jewels - 4-5 divine
-Bottled Faith: 4-5 divine

I can’t look at your pob but I can tonight and I’ll add a higher scaling pob tonight also.
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Just got the dagger to drop ssf this will be my next project. Thanks for the build good sir.
@lildenjin grats and good luck with your berserker
Added 2 more pobs, one 0.5 divine budget for yellow map farm to establish currency and one 10 divine budget to more comfortably handle all non uber content. Working on everything else, haven't had the free time I hoped for.

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