Character, Portal, and Footprint Effects Weekend Sale

dizz wrote:
Not related to this news post, but boy do I ever wish we had interesting races while waiting for new leagues to start, for something to do.

Even if it's just copy/paste races from the past like 4 hours long, HC 20-exiles-per-zone races and stuff.

While waiting of next league you can spent your money in to MTX! Cause money it's only one thing about ggg interested ist!

I forgot how many times I have mentioned it but would really be nice if you could add XX/40 characters so at least I know how many empty slots I have. Is it technically difficult to implement?
GGG thank you for the sales Daddy. Giggity
Holla at me on twitch, twitter, & youtube @beats4president

Always trading :)

Thank you GGG for the Great Game
shame the Arakaali's Fang mtx from battle pass isn't freely available in boutique, would definitely have brought it :(
I like how they are doing a sale and we as a community decide to complain on this post. The voice lines suggestion is seconded, let us buy more mtx along the lines of Sentinel league Supporter Packs
I bought every MTX available.

I bought every MTX available.


What is in your closet irl?
Something new...
Return to sale "Judicator Gauntlet Apparition Effect" already waiting this almmost 1 year
seriously? On top of the fact that most of the things are less than impressive, This "sale" is not even affordable. Almost everything is the equivalent to $20.00 each. Disappointed.

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