Last week we posted an approximate timeline for our upcoming 3.19 expansion. We've reviewed it since then and would like to give you an updated timeline.

Our August expansion is more likely to launch on August 19th PDT, consuming the week of buffer we mentioned in that announcement post. This means that you can expect the announcement livestream around August 11th PDT and Sentinel League's end date would be around August 16th PDT.

We'll post the confirmed release date very soon. Keep an eye on the news!
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Grinding Gear Games
Rueto is a cat.
Cat is rueto.
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hopefully impale with headhunter will be fixed next league
Very cool mirror Service:
nice ! RueCat
Everyone is gonna be super stoked about this!
Our glorious leader 👑 Can do no wrong ❌ If I'm in camp 🧱 Then I've been bad 👿
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Ruetoo says meow
There is a Cat Streamer and he says meow meow on this

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