3.18.1d Patch Notes

I killed Aul last week so, does that mean that you'll give me the achievement ?

would really like to see auction house!
i think if you guys can find a way to move the data and info thats on the poe trade website, into the actual game and make it more automated and less heavy manual, cause whispering 50 people for a trade just for them to attempt to scam or something of that nature is quite bothersome, im sure in PoE2 you guys are working on some sort of Auction House feature where all of its a bit more automated, but many of us would love to see it brought to PoE1 to try to get used to it and test it etc. : )
Still having the same issue, I cant enter in any new instances. The loading sccreen freezes
Nice, ty!
dont know how, but this last patch ruined the visuals for me, graphics is much worse, kinda blurry/pixelated, like when PC cant handle it.
So I guess those improvements made game significantly more hardware expensive coz I did not have this problem before
The GPU keeps crashing

I Feel You
CreateBuffer. GPU device instance has been suspended, use GetDeviceRemovedReason to determine the corresponding measures. : (GetDeviceRemovedReason GPU does not respond more commands, the most likely reason is that the calling application passed an invalid command.)

After the update very frequent error, can not play`!!!
I Feel You

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