[Console] 3.18.1c Hotfix Delay

Last week, we released patch 3.18.1c for PlayStation and Xbox which unfortunately introduced performance and loading screen issues. We've been unable to revert these performance changes up until now due to other issues that prevented us from releasing the patch. These have since been resolved but we're still aiming for the fix to be out this week. We apologise for any inconvenience.
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Thanks bubba
Thanks for the update. The game is hard to play at higher levels when everything is moving slowly!!!!
I can barely wait for it.

GGG take my Energy!

I´m very happy that u guys attempt to fix it but honesly this shouldnt be a thing if u would test ur stuff.... this patch rolled out on friday last week, we had so play a whole week like that. This is basicly palying on a HDD based system like xbox one x or ps4. Dont apologiese for inconvience drop some free skins or Codes for coins or whatever then because in my opinion this time ... was a HUGE blunder especially to start of the weekend.
Firstly thanks for the announcement, we really waiting for it for 5 days. I tried to communicate support, I made 3 posts in forum, but nobody has contacted me, or even answering my questions, I lost 2 days on weekends by trying to fix it, I thought that was my faul, bad internet or smtng like that. I have only 2 days pro week to play poe, I don't play another game and every league I was a supporter, I paid real money to Support GGG, but now I see that GGG actually cares only about pc player's, they have really quick hotfix, or feedbacks. That's r3aly sad, cause i thought that every community is important.
I love this game, and i keep playing this game, but it never will the same responsibility. Have fun by playing Gauntlet Race.
Any ETA?
Game experience has been better. thank
Take your time. Get it right. Ignore the people complaining about “omg no zoom zoom load screens 😭😭😭”
Rushing things is what got us into this mess in the first place people.
Binbsls123 wrote:
Game experience has been better. thank

Definitey hasnt been for me.

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