New Microtransaction: Demonic Poisonous Concoction Effect

It would be nice if this effect actually worked. I have linked it to Poisonous Concoction using the Cosmetics interface and it still throws green clouds. No red...smh.

I'll post this in the bugs forum as well.

---EDIT--- Remember to remove any Poisonous Concoction gems (active or alt weapon levelers) after linking the MTX.
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JoeShmo wrote:
Sweep MTX when?
Ancestral Protector MTX when?
Venom Gyre MTX when?
Wild Strike MTX when?
Glacial Hammer MTX when?
Heavy Strike MTX when?
Infernal Blow MTX when?
Static Strike MTX when?
Viper Strike MTX when?
Galvanic Arrow MTX when?
Cobra Lash MTX when?
Reap MTX when?
Pestilent Strike MTX when?
Lightning Tendrils MTX when?
Purifying Flame MTX when?
Creeping Frost MTX when?
Blazing Salvo MTX when?
Storm Burst MTX when?
Dark Pact MTX when?

Buy a supporter pack first, to be able to buy MTX?
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MKserwer wrote:
Not gonna lie first thought i had when i watched was: such a wasted opportunity to make blooming rose in the middle instead of that white/red.

Freaking great idea...Lord knows how much I loved my Frostflower Ice Trap MTX.
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Do you need feedback on what skill MTX I might spend my money? Have it: Shokwave Totem. A bundle with element effects for when we convert it's damage would be amazing!
Imagine having more than 5 powerful builds.
Please GGG! Static Strike MTX!! (Try #10)

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