Archnemesis <Atlas> - League oriented guild - [Discord][NA][EU]

TheBrotaku wrote:
Seems like a fun time. IGN: CallofSplittingSteel

I added you in game
Hey I'd like to join you guys! im kinda new player if its matter

Discord: ZyWick#7676
account name: laganomaly
character name: eddycurrnet
I would like to join your guild.
Bumping. Hope everyone's hyped for the League start as I am.
Bumping. Hoping everyone's having a good league so far!
Hey, I'd like to join your guild and discord! Just started for the first time this league and have been an avid enjoyer of it making multiple characters figuring out whats best / most comfortable playstyle for me. Cold DoT, LA, Poison SRS Necro.

IGN: ElectricalShot
Discord: amintybeard
Hey! I'd be interested in joining up. About 9 years of experience in the game, on and off. Right now playing TS Deadeye after leaguestarting Boneshatter jugg. Last league was running Wardloop Asc. Pretty active (at least for now), tend to taper off as the league goes on, but generally am around for the first few weeks of every league.

Account: VoxD
Discord: Vox04
Charactername: VoxxSmash or VoxBirgittie

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