The Well-dressed Exile Competition

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Hi, here is my submission. I really love MXTS and have a bunch so it was hard to chose which one to use.

For the mxt one, I went with the gold character effect because I really like it and did a demonic gold-red combination. There's no aura with it.

For the non-mxt category. I started out with the expedition chest 3D art that I discovered recently and I really liked it. I made some ice runic mage red-blue. It come with the basic discipline and purity of ice auras.
Body Armour: Expedition's End
Helm: Cadigan's Crown
Gloves: Nightgrip
Boots: Craiceann's Tracks
Shield: Saffell's Frame
Weapon: Frostbreath

I have multiple screenshots in different lights and poses and in town or combat areas. Hope you like it.

MXT Category:

More pictures Mxt

NO MXT Category

More pictures No mxt

Hello Ing : Strangie
This is my multidimensional warrior 'OnePunch_GigaChad' (premium submission)!




With auras

With auras + some lighting
Unarmed for life! (although I do like maces too recently)
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-------------------------- Premium submission --------------------------

Marauder version

List of MTX used for the 'premium' look:

- Helmet: Stygian Helmet
- Helmet attachment 1: Delirium Horns
- Helmet attachment 2: Synthesis Crown Attachement
- Body armour: Stygian Body Armour
- Back attachment: Eye in the Back
- Character effect: Celestial Character Effect
- Gloves: Master Spellblade Gloves
- Boots: Darkshard Boots
- Footprints: Breach Footprints Effect
- Weapon 1: Silver Crescent Weapon (wand version)
- Weapon effect 1: Legion Weapon Effect
- Weapon 2: Silver Crescent Weapon (wand version)
- Weapon effect 2: Legion Weapon Effect
- Pet 1: Synthesis Pet
- Pet 2: Breach Core Pet
- Portal: Mystic Gate Portal Effect
- Aura: Soul Nexus Aura Effect

-------------------------- Natural submission --------------------------

Marauder version

List of unique gear used for the 'natural' look:

- Helmet: Glimpse of Chaos
- Body Armour: Shroud of the Lightless
- Gloves: Gravebind
- Boots: Bubonic Trail
- Weapon: Apep's Rage
- Shield: Mahuxotl's Machination


Good Luck Exiles ! :)


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I present to you, the Creature. (Premium category).

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