[3.18] Dancing Dervish Champ, 2+M dps, very tanky, cheap, my league Starter

I think two rare jewel would be better. He uses it bcs of the animate guardian and the spectres tho. If your AG dies, you lose all the items, so it sucks. This two jewels give them some survivability, but I thought the same thing, that it's not worth it.
Yep, if you lose AG or specters it really sucks.
You can also go for more aggressive AG setups, but then you lose on survivability. That's up to you.
And btw, in my pob covenants deal more dmg?
If your only worry is budget, yes, they are not mandatory.

I'm also testing eternal youth. I think it can be strong.

Right now i'm sitting on alpha's howl and i'm testing purity of elements instead of wrath. I went that way because these yellow mobs are annoying. Might swap out later. Being res overcapped also helps with gearing.

In the CWC setup you dont need to sustain mana, just pop it once and you'll have like 10 sec duration. But also get -7 mana cost on amulet and possibly rings.

Vs bosses I can only speculate. In my experience with the game, every build with more then 1.5 mil dps and capped armor/evasion with some spell suppression or block is able to clear all content.
If you get to 3mil with a dot build like this you should be able to do everything unless you are super bad at dodging.

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Ah makes sense with the Animate Guardian, hadn't thought about that.

And speaking of Specters, which ones do you run? The ape boyes for charges or is there anything else that's better?
1 frenzy boy 1 critty boi, that's where frenzy and power charges come from in the pob. No better choices, not even close.

Use them when you have high level gems and minion life nodes on the tree.
Awesome, thanks a lot for the answers. Will try to get the build working now, almost level 59.

What about Animate Guardian gear? I don't think I'll bother with that b4 meeps and having some minion life, but do you start with the usual and ramp up or is there some BiS?
Suggested guardian gear is already in the pob, i wouldn-t really use him before having my helmet, and level 21 gem, and all his gear. Get the foundamentals of th build down first with alpha-s howl replacing the mana reservation efficiency of the amulet
Ah true! I'm new to minion builds, so I didn't think you'd show it as an item set, very nice! Some expensive items too, but I think I'll start with the usual Dying breath, Leer Cast, Southbound and Victario's Flight for a cheapo one. Tho maybe after I pick up Righteous Army/Sacrifice nodes first! :D

Thanks for the guide, I just transitioned and am overwhelmed with how op the clear is, now I just need to work on my defense, these rares are rippy!

Hi. I don't understand a little about how EE works. we use smite to raise mobs resistance to lightning and at the same time our minions also deal 50% cold damage and 50% lightning damage due to GGBB on gloves. that is, we use smite to reduce the effectiveness of damage by minions? why? maybe it makes sense to use some kind of fire skill?

And what about mana sustain?
EE is a little bit inefficient because we also use wrath and smite and convert to lightning. BUT we penetrate elemental damage so that added res is less of an issue, and we get fire an cold exposure.
In total we get +25% to lightning but -50% to other elements, so we still break positive.
This is purely because of socket pressure, but if you look at the EE dmg on pob it still gives a fat bonus.

For mana sustain early use the writhing jar, for later craft on rings and/or amulet -7 mana cost of non channeling skills.

If you can't sustain all auras early, drop wrath. That should give you good mana pool and writhing jar should fix mana regen, if you still have problems use clarity, like im doing now to test.

I have some problems surviving essences in red maps now. But i have 87% phys reduction with 50k armor and 85 spell suppression, i don't really understand why. Maybe it's the elemental ailments and flask are not enough... i don't know.

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In a reddit post about the rework of dancing dervish the devs say multistrike will not work with the minions. Are we positive about that?, if not what other support would be best?


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