New Divination Cards in Path of Exile: Sentinel

with a div card for replica item, are they going to do away with heist???
Any actual news?
Nice div cards, can we get a Paradoxica Div Card?
Cool. Can't wait to get one of em and have to trade for more. Because that's good game design.

Trading? In MY PoE?! Unpossible!
SuperDrop wrote:
7 first cards. utter trash. so we could grind less ? simulacrum card ??? really thats so bad.

replica item card ??? so yeah fak heist. if you remove heist completly then i agree.. and alt quality gem cards. aproved... i will give 2 heists for 1 normal harvest like it was back then.

whatever, too much cards anyway. lazy way to just gram it all in one post and leave before stream lol. ok i take it

edit "The destination and Brothers Stash look same images." it hurts my eye, i cant be only me.

Thats not alt quality gem card sir,thats empower/enlighten/enhance gem card.
IGN : NimblePotato
mageblood <3
exceptionnal gems?
text1 wrote:
mageblood 5 card? wtffffffffffff

Probably rarer then MB itself x5 ;)
galuf wrote:
exceptionnal gems?

enlighten empower enchance.
fk archnemesis.

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