[3.18 HC] Black Cane Stormburst Raider (Video)

Finally got around to running the build in the current league. A few updates to this iteration.

1. Moved more of the ailment defense to the shield and off the tree, and moved more of the stun defense into jewels, freeing up some extra nodes to make the build a little tankier to meet this league's challenges.

2. Traded Avatar of the Chase for Way of the Poacher to have more consistent frenzy charges and allow trading of Vaal Cold snap for Vaal Grace, which feels very good defensively.

3. Made room for a +chance to evade with grace watcher's eye for yet another level of overall tankiness.

4. Added Cull to the totem setup for greater ease in ramping up and maintaining the phantasms.

5. Crafted an ideal 6L helm using insanity essence on an elder base to get 50% added as phys and supported by Conc effect. This should be very achievable with recombinators in this league.

At level 96 now doing over 1.5M Sirus dps with over 8k combined life/mana. All in all, very happy with the current state of the build and how it has been playing. Here is the lvl 96 POB for my current character:


Remember that we don't actually use summon phantasm in the main damage setup--that is for accurate dps calc only.

Good Luck,

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I am going to try this build out in hardcore sentinel and will report back with how it goes for me.
I will look forward to hearing from you.
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I'm not a big forum poster and I usually play path of exile for a few months "bigly" before falling out until a big enough patch happens.
Just tried your build because I wanted a non-meta-ish raider and I gotta say it's been really enjoyable!
I'm liking the whole build, the many buttons, especially after I got the totem speed up a bit to match the +% cast speed from the tree.
Vortex on left click for daaaaaaaaays with plenty of obvious room to grow and good survivability so I can yeet myself out of terrible places with 5% hp left (which feels much better than getting one-shot).

Pretty much the best build I've played on sentinel, so big thanks!
Always very happy to get that kind of feedback. Most pleased you are enjoying it!

Was mildly dis-satisfied with phantasms dying too quickly in some scenarios. Running an experiment taking the Grave intentions cluster and very pleased with the results. Traded out Graceful assault for this, feel it is worthwhile.

With Grave intentions and the "minions gain 5% health when a minion dies" mastery, uptime on the phantasms becomes very good, and it also becomes possible to run carnage chieftain spectres for frenzy charges and an AG. Experimentation is planned to continue in 3.19


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