[3.24] CWDT Ward Loop Scion, very easy guide [15 divines]

Storing this guide here for standard, the main post will focus on the league.


The build is absolutely fine and works great still.
I will update the guide when I get time, I am still enjoying the league.

Since Survival Secrets got removed from the game. We can reach only maximum of 1300 ward and around 1100 ward on budget builds.

We need to get some chaos resistance so that FR does not damage our life.
But here is a budget 3.20 POB

You need to use the calculator to calculate how much life and chaos resistance you need. This way Forbidden rite won't damage your life pool.

Here are few example

2000 life and -35 chaos and two 420 heartbound loop rings, 1100 Ward
2650 life and 0 chaos resistance and two 420 heartbound loop rings, 1100 ward


The build is still extremely powerful

This build has received as 33% damage nerf to rare and The Pandemonious amulets
The omniscience version of the build has a 50% damage nerf

The build will now do 100 million dps without Omni
The build can do 250 million dps with omni

The build now needs a bit of tinkering and using flask calculator


Youtube videos

3.19 Videos

Maven kill

T16 60% Deli map

Discord server


This is going to be a very easy copy paste guide with trade links and craft steps.


  • PoB
  • Networking mode settings
  • Build Mechanics
  • How to level up
  • Level and Life Math
  • Bandits
  • Ascendancy
  • Flask
  • To Dust
  • Jewels
  • Clusters
  • Rings
  • Amulet
  • Body Armour
  • Weapon
  • Belt
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Skeleton gems
  • Gem links
  • CWDT Gems
  • Flasks
  • Swap weapons
  • Pantheon
  • Life Required Math
  • Start Stop Loop
  • Map mods
  • Loop not working
  • Upgrades

Calculator, to check life/chaos res and heartbound loop damage

No Armour allowed. You need to be careful with how much chaos resistance you have
When you buy items make sure they don't have Armour

PoB - Path of Building

Sanctum league Day 5 Progress POB - 7 Divines
I still need to farm currency to upgrade. I purchased gems from vendor, they are low level, no gem quality.


3.20 League Budget POB - 15 divines.

Standard POBs, they use Survival Secrets. But if you are an advanced player, please use these pob for planning upgrades.
Backup POBs

10 divines 10 million POB

500c starter build
I was running this on day 4 of league start
The above pob has notes for ultra budget - 300-500c

Level 70 POB
This requires 420 heartbound loop rings and more than 1700 life

75 divines pob - 32 million dps

Tanky Evade + Spell Suppression Version - Level to 100

More Pobs, they still work

25 ex budget


Medium budget, 40 ex
Example 1 - Rare ring, 9% CDR

Medium Budget, 60 ex
Example 2 - Rare ring, 27% CDR

Medium Budget, 50 ex
Example 3 - Polaric devastation ring edition

Occultist/Witch pob

Omni pobs - They all still work

Level 76 POB for Omni

Excluding the cost of Omni

30 ex omni pob

100 ex Omni Pob

160ex - 100 million DPS pob, high budget

500ex - 250 million dps

5000ex - 1.5 billion dps

Network mode Lockstep

Change this option to Lockstep
Go to main menu and change this, this is very important

How the build works

Expedition items have Ward
Ward will absorb the damage done to you

If you have 1500 ward, and a monster hits you for 2000, only 500 damage will go to life and your ward will disappear, it breaks

Ward will be recharged after 5 seconds

Olroth's flask

When this flask is on, your ward will not break/disappear
The goal is to permanently have Olroth's flask on
If Ward is always on, then ward will absorb the damage

Permanent Olroth's flask effect

So we want to have Olroth's permanently on, to do this we use Brutal Restraint The Traitor


Using the traitor keystone and 2 cluster jewels which give us high flask duration, we can get permanent Olroth's effect

The traitor keystone works when you have 2 empty flask slots, means you can only use 3 flasks.
You can use 4 flasks at high budget, but we need at least 1 empty flask slot

Heartbound loop ring explained

You summon skeletons, and when skeleton die, the ring will do damage to you
Since you are damaged, CWDT will cast spells linked to it

The damage each skeleton does is 420, its less than 1500 ward. So you take no damage. If you have 300 ward then you will take 120 damage to life.

CWDT gem needs to be level 20 to cast level 20 spell gems

For CWDT level 21, you should take about 3580 damage to cast spells

We use 3 skeletons and forbidden rite gem to reach self 3580 damage

Forbidden rite is a skill that will deal damage to yourself
If you cast forbidden rite, it will deal a lot of damage to your life


As long as your ward is more than the Forbidden rite self damage, you will take no damage to life

To Dust Jewel + Anomalous Minion Speed + Reduced Skill Duration Effect

Both in combo will reduce skeleton duration to 0.2 seconds
Skeletons die every 0.2 seconds and they do damage every 0.2 seconds
We cast spells every 0.2 seconds.

Level and Life


Check this calculator


Required level

This build will work from level 80, you just need 1700 life minimum. And also allocate all necessary staff nodes. You can make it work below that, but its not worth the hassle.

Also complete all the labs and get pathfinder and elementalist.

420 heartbound loop ring requires 1700 life

350 heartbound loop ring needs 2400 life

Kill All


Elementalist and Pathfinder

Olroth's Resolve Flask

Olroth's Resolve

Option 1 - Prepare your own flask / Cheaper


Once you buy this, make it 26% or 28% quality with Hillock from T4 Research Betrayal
You can do this yourself or buy this craft from TFT Services channel

If you cannot afford 28% quality on this flask, then its not a problem
Make flask 20% quality and use Replenishing Remedies Amulet Anointment

Option 2 - Buyout ready to use flask

Or you can simply buy the flask with 28% quality


This option is not recommended for budget builds.

Craft Reused at end of flask effect

To Dust Jewel



Since divines are expensive in 3.19, we have a few options. Here I will show 2 of the budget options.

The total should added up to 34% exact, no more, no less.

We are looking for Exactly 34% Reduced Skeleton Duration

Option - 1
34% Total - 3 To Dusts and Window of Opportunity notable passive
Example - 10%, 10%, 14%

Use Window of Opportunity in the passive tree, its below Scion area

Option - 2

59% total using 4 To Dusts
Example - 15%, 15%, 15%, 14%

This option saves 4 passive skills and does not use Window of Opportunity

Option - 3 Best Option
34% total using 2 To Dusts and Window of Opportunity Notable
Example - 17, 17
Example - 18, 16
Example - 20, 14


The Pandemonius


Craft it by using Blessing of Tul on The Halcyon amulet



Heart of Ice
Divine Judgement
Replenishing remedies if your olroth's flask is not permanent

Catalyst - Turbulent Catalyst

More Jewels

Survival Secrets

This is mandatory, it will reduce the negative effect of Olroth's flask

Act 2 Yeena quest reward, buy this or do the quest
First kill the white beast and then do this quest

Or you can buy this


Brutal restraint

Balbala for The Traitor keystone

The number does not matter for now, its a future upgrade


Buy this and put it in your tree
Make sure your Jewel does not grant you Alchemist's Genius, this will break the build
If your Brutal restraint gives you alchemist genius, then simply buy a new one

Hatred cold pen Watcher's eye

Jewels, Resistance

This will help you cap resistance, you can get % life and also cold damage or ele damage.


With life %


Jewels, damage
If you are res capped, you can use these


Cluster Jewels

Large cluster - cold damage or spell damage


Blanketed snow and Stormrider are good notables


Flask clusters

We need 2 of these clusters, both of them are correct, you can buy any of these examples
Two of the same as well.

Option 1 - Buyout

You can just buy them from trade
Trade buyout url

Option 2 - Craft

Buy the base and simply use Chaos orb spam till you get

You can also alteration spam and use regals

Fasting + 25 effect
Fasting + distilled perfection

Both options work

Base url

These flask clusters are easy to craft
I craft them using chaos spam, make sure the cluster jewel level is about 50 before you buy the base



Buy 2 heartbound loop rings with 420 physical damage
Or buy a ring and use noxious catalyst on it

If you buy 350 damage rings then you will need 2400 life.
You can buy 350 rings with good corruption

Such as Ingite immunity, poision immunity, lightning or cold damage to spells.

Body Armour

Easy option
Skin of the Loyal
2 Red, 2 Blue , 2 green


Skin of Lords - MORE DPS

You can only insert corrupted gems in Skin of the lords
And Cast When Damage taken should be level 19/20 corrupted

Use the below link to buy, I have filtered out the keystones that break the build


Lots of choices for budget weapon

The Annihilating staff

Buy a 5-link if you cannot afford 6-link

Other options available, not recommended, unless you are very low on budget and cannot cap your resistance

Duskdawn - more easy dps, simple to understand and search

This item can be crafted for 15c vendor recipe, see the wiki on how to craft it

Cane of kulemak


Rare staff 6-link with essence


Use the link to get a cheap belt


Bench Craft 9-12% Increased Cooldown recovery rate suffix
You can buy the craft in TFT or ask a friend
You can also request in my discord, if am online, I can give

Crafting CDR

Crafting Ward Items
Crafting guide for helm/gloves/boots

Just spam dense fossil and craft suffix using eldtrich currency

On helm/gloves you can block accuracy with bench
You can watch LOLCOHOL video on how to craft, its the same for helm/gloves

Repeat this video for both gloves & helm


Its Cheaper to Craft than to buy from trade

Crafting this is very easy, trust me, I have made 1000 ex profit form this.


Easy craft

Buy 20 dense fossils, 20 primitive chaotic resonator
And buy level 85 Runic Crown and spam dense fossils

Base URL




Easy craft

Buy 20 dense fossils, 20 primitive chaotic resonator
And buy level 85 Runic Gauntlets and spam dense fossils

Base URL



Easy craft guide
Boots are the same for all builds, only resistances

Base URL

If you are extreme budget stop after you get 350 plus ward, just craft resistance in suffix

Phase 1 - Prefix

Dense fossil till you have more than 400 ward, some times more than 430 ward
Check if you have have a high movement speed mod, if yes, then your phase 1 is complete

If you don't have movement, annul a prefix and then make sure ward is more than 370

Repeat above still till you get open prefix or 30% movement speed prefix with more than 370 ward

Craft Movement speed from the bench

Phase 2 - Suffix

Now apply a lesser eldritch ember and a greater eldritch ichor
Now slam with eldritch exalts
If you get low tier mods, eldritch annul them

If all three suffixes are horrible, then use Eldritch chaos

Repeat the process till you got good resistance rolls in the suffix


Skeleton Gems

Anomalous Summon Skeleton
It should be level 11
You can vendor the gem with Scouring orb to reduce level


Anomalous minion speed

Level does not matter for Minion Speed, but quality should be 20%


Gems in helm, very important keep same levels

CWDT level 5

Summon skeleton level 11 - Minion speed x/20 - Forbidden rite 1 - Cast When Damage taken 5

Buy Skeleton Gem using this link, sell gem to vendor with Orb of Scouring to reduce level

The levels of these gems should be fixed, do not level it up

CWDT must be 5, skeleton must be fixed at 11

Don't change these in the helm, or else you need to do math

Anomalous summon skeleton is required, because the skeleton should die because of reduced duration and not because of enemy damage or the loop will go out of sync and stop.

Gem links

Awakened cold penetration is better


Cast When Damage Taken - Body armour

It should be 20/20 for Skin of the Loyal

It should be 19/20 for Skin of the Lords

Reason is Skin of the lords has +2
Skin of the loyal is +1

CWDT should never go above level 21, if you make CWDT level 22, build will fail.

19/20 Corrupted CWDT, cheaper to make it than buy it

20/20 for Weapon

20 for gloves

21/20 for weapon if your skill gem levels are 21

Also don't link CWDT gem to Righteous fire, flame dash or phase run
Make gloves 3-link and use Righteous fire in gloves
Or use RF 21 in gloves, that way CWDT 20 won't tirgger RF

Helm and glove Implicits
See POB please, just spam greater ichor and lesser ember till you get it

Gloves - Cold exposure with Greater ichor, and lesser ember for unnerve
Helmet - Spell damage with ichor and ember for lightning damage.

Very important - Use only 3 flasks with Brutal Restraint Traitor, 4 if you have high budget


If you have a problem with resistances, the use Bismuth flask and a quick silver flask with additional resistance suffix

Resistance and curse reduction flask


In this build you can only use 3 flasks not use more than 3.
You will die if you use more than 3 flasks

Pantheon is very important


Soul of Brine King

Soul of Yugul - Curse reduction
Soul of Garukhan - Shock reduction

You can also change craft on boots to give you chill immunity
(Scion Only)

(Occultist is immune for freeze/Chill)
Other Pantheon options will brick the build

Second slot weapon swap

Buy wands from Act 1 Nessa
And use Essence of insanity

You can put cast when damage taken and portal in 2nd weapon

Start Stop Loop

Swap weapons to start, Press X

To stop remove belt and put it back on
Or you can remove helm for one second

Map mods

You can do reflect and no regen maps


Elemental reflect - you are reflect immune
No Regen - We don't use regen, we use recoup


60% less Recovery Rate of Life and Energy Shield

For these maps, disable RF, blood rage
Try to get ignite immunity and corrupted blood immunity for these maps


Reduced cooldown recovery rate
Reduced flask charges gained

Three or four swaps to start loop

Mana problem

Mana issues -- you require multiple swaps to start loop

If your ward is low and have Mind Over Matter allocated, then you will run out of Mana
Remove Mind Over Matter
You can use the calculator to check, Forbidden rite damage must be less than your ward with flask on

In your helmet, the first socket should be blue and put Summon skeleton is that socket


If you still have this problem, then put your skill gems in the last socket of weapon and body armour.
The skill gems should not be first gem in weapon and body, put support gems first!

Loop Speed

Skeletons and Ice Spear should refresh at same speed

Half Loop, Half DPS

Full loop, Full DPS

If you followed the guide correctly, you will have full dps
But in case its not, please use calculator to fix speed


Loop not working - Checklist

Please come to discord server and show what's wrong

In group play,
Determination, Malevolence aura fail the loop
Physical damage reduction, endurance charges reduce your damage or stop loop

Reason for loop not working

1. Did you forget to craft Cooldown recovery rate on your belt?

2. Check your "To Dust" total skeleton duration reduction for 9% cdr
3 jewels should be 34% total with using Window of Opportunity in passive tree
4 jewels should be 59% total without Window of Opportunity in the tree.

For 27 CDR, total To Dust must be 34 and Window of Opportunity passive + less duration mastery

See your CDR in the MISC Tab in Character Sheet

3. Gem in Helmet
11 Anomalous Skeleton - 20 quality Anomalous Minion Speed - Forbidden Rite 1 - CWDT 5

4. Chaos res, remove chaos resuse the calculator to increase your life pool

5. Armor on your gear? Check Defense tab, remove armor from items

6. Make sure you have more than 2550 life for rare ring setup

7. Anomalous Minion Speed 20% quality?

8. Replica Pure Talent will break the build

9. Pantheon, should be Brine King/Arakaali and Yugul/Garukhan or loop won't work

10. Get Pathfinder ascendency

11. Does the keystone on your body armour break the build?

12. Network mode should be Lockstep in Game options

13. Make sure you are using Survival Secrets Jewel

14. Did you forget to craft your Swap weapon? Craft and use in second slot!

Dying in maps

Dying a lot in middle of map

1. Use the flask calculator to check your Olroth's flask works https://returnx.github.io/cwdt/

2. Check all points are allocated in two medium flask cluster, both must be 6 passive clusters

3. Compare your medium cluster with the ones in guide & POBs

4. Check your tree for Essence extraction and Utility flask mastery

5. Make sure you did not accidentally equip 4th flask or 5th flask

6. Make sure Traitor keystone is allocated in the passive tree with Balbala Timeless Jewel

7. Check if Pathfinder ascendancy is allocated

8. Olroth's flask enchant should be "Reused at end of flask effect"

Upgrades More

Watcher's Eye

Hatred critical - Divine it for more than 1.7


Rare Ring

Rare ring requires Divergent Cast When Damage Taken

Its time to remove one heartbound loop and use a rare ring

Examples, they are missing life, so they are quite Ok, not great

3.18 - The Pandemonious Amulet
Get a rare ring with lots of resistance, life and mana recoup

Example, this was made with recombinator, you can just buy one and put mana recoup in prefix

Omni Amulet - Rings

Frostbite on hit for Occultist only

What and why and how

For this upgrade, there are 2 - ways
Increase life to 3626, or Use Divergent Cast When Damage Taken
Assuming you have a 420 heartbound ring, and level 11 Skeleton

Lets find out how much life required

Level 21 CWDT requires 3580
Heartbound 420 does 1260, its 3 skeleton X 420

3580 - 1260 = 2,320
2320 / 0.4 / 1.6 = 3,625

2320 should come from Forbidden rite.
0.4 is Forbidden rite damage, see the gem text
1.6 is -60 chaos resistance

So you need at least 3625 life.

Forbidden rite should deal 2320 damage to reach 3580 for CWDT 21
The problem with this is, when you ward is 1800 or even 1900, around 300 damage will go to your life pool. And this is really bad for sustain and makes you squishy.

Buy Divergent cast when damage taken

Weapon 20/20

Body armor 19/20 for Skin of the Lords

You need 2510 life for Heartbound 420
You need 2840 life for Heartbound 350



You can make this yourself by corrupting

If you lose quality, don't worry, you just need to increase your life pool.
Keep increasing your life pool till skills get cast.

Get 3020 life for 420, the worst quality level 11
Get 3400 life for 350

To Dust

3 - To Dust jewels

Two with 20% reduced skeleton duration
One with 19% reduced skeleton duration

How to smart craft
You can buy 3 To Dust jewels and divine first, second, third
And which ever becomes 19 or 20, keep them aside then Divine the other two
Then finally simply buy the third one from trade

If you don't want to divine them yourself, just buy from trade using the following links

One - 19%


Two - 20%


Empower 4 and gems

Just buy Empower 4 support

Ice spear 21, creeping frost 21

Weapon keep 20/20, its easier, because divergent CWDT 21 is 50 ex ore more


Crystallised Omniscience

Buy Unnatural instinct as well with this ugprade

It goes here, make sure to change the tree pathing.

With the amulet updated, you need to change your helm and gloves to have attributes instead of resistances

Omni Helmet
Craft Dex on it in the suffix


Omni gloves dex/int

Crafted Int on it in suffix


Helm Enchant

Ice Spear fires an additional Projectile

Righteous Fire grants 30% increased Spell Damage

Awakened GMP

This is a lot of damage, buy this if you can

27 CDR

Get the rare ring upgrade first
Make sure you have 6% Mana Recoup on the Ring as well, or you will run out of mana

Get a belt from here

Get some CDR on boots

Also get CDR on abyss jewel

Total must be 27 or more.

To Dust
First Option,

Update To Dust for 20/20/18
Total 58

20+20+18 = 58
20+19+19 = 58

Gems in helm now become

Anomalous Summon Skeleton 11/20 + Minion Speed X/20 quality + Less Duration 4/20 + CWDT 5

Forbidden Rite goes to gloves

420 heartbound ring
Forbidden Rite level 1 + CWDT level 9 + sniper mark 12

350 heartbound ring
Forbidden rite level 1 + CWDT Level 7 + sniper mark 10

You also need to downgrade sniper's mark in gloves
To level 10 or level 12

Second Option
Don't make any changes to gem links, everything stays as 9% CDR

Simply use Window of opportunity passive tree notable and also 10% less duration mastery, its ready now

Easier choice.

The Annihilating staff

If you still aren't using this one, then get this weapon

If you don't have Omni, buy a ring with Lots of resistances

With omni, get a good stat ring
if you are not using omni, get a rare ring with lots of resistances

Get perfect resistances on helm, gloves, boots

With Omni get more stats
55 int on hlem, craft 30 dex
55 dex on gloves, craft 30 int

Then use the staff.
There is no other way.

4 flasks

Use the below calculator to find out what works for you

Two options which work

First option,
71% duration and 95% charges gained
6.4 duration olroth's and 56 charges used

Second option
77% duration and 85% charges gained
6.4 duration olroth's and 56 charges used

Easy way to get this is as follows
Replace both your old clusters with this

Buy 2 of these clusters

The above clusters are easy to craft, grab 2000 alterations and a few augments and a few regals
And buy level 84 clusters and start spamming, augment and regal till you get

Don't pay 12 divines, craft them yourself. It will take about 1-2 hrs, become a hideout warrior

And get 10% flask charges gained on Timeless jewel
These are easy to come by, this URL helps, its not exhaustive


Big image

Forbidden Flame and Flesh

Deadeye is the best, or you can buy pathfinder and use deadeye in the tree.

Inquisitor is a good option
Occultist if you can fit another curse.

That's all folks for now.
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The idea behind this guide is to make it as easy and simple as possible.
So we stick to a very reliable setup.

I did around 35 cwdt builds for other people and in my experience this setup is as reliable it gets.

Once you grasp the build, then its open for upgrades.

This should help new players to take the leap of faith and try the build. This is the biggest hurdle.

For facetaking do occultist

I actually have an occutlist with 4k life and 1.9k ward and also 20% damage reduction from ascendancy and high block. Also -22 chaos resistance. Its much more tankier than scion.
Akshay wrote:
The idea behind this guide is to make it as easy and simple as possible.
So we stick to a very reliable setup.

I did around 35 cwdt builds for other people and in my experience this setup is as reliable it gets.

Once you grasp the build, then its open for upgrades.

This should help new players to take the leap of faith and try the build. This is the biggest hurdle.

For facetaking do occultist

I actually have an occutlist with 4k life and 1.9k ward and also 20% damage reduction from ascendancy and high block. Also -22 chaos resistance. Its much more tankier than scion.

Could you elaborate on the differences in gear required if I were to do Occultist instead? I've been putting gear together on the side and have an already-leveled Occultist it would be nice to respec. I found your character and it's passive tree, but I assume the breakpoints/pantheon/etc. would be different.

Thanks for the help and the guide!
sixlinkandrew wrote:

Could you elaborate on the differences in gear required if I were to do Occultist instead? I've been putting gear together on the side and have an already-leveled Occultist it would be nice to respec. I found your character and it's passive tree, but I assume the breakpoints/pantheon/etc. would be different.

Thanks for the help and the guide!

its the same

i just copy pasted the guide here

nice job doing it all explained.

shame for me that's a lot to think and set it up...
Amazing build! I've being farming expedition in city square and then logbooks with close to 0 issues. But i can't seem to work how to sustain RF. Any tips?
hi there mate, i wonder if you can help me. I just came back from a hiatus and was amazed with this build. However, i only looked on poe ninja for the layout of skills and items and cant get mine to loop. Wonder if you can help me. DO i need to change/add something?

Thank you very much OP for the simple to follow guide. I've been meaning to try out CWDT Ward Loop but was holding off till next league, as I was already burnt out from this league. Your guide changed my mind and I'm happily blasting away so thanks.

Would be pretty good if you can add an upgrades section to discuss opportunities for defensive and offensive upgrades. Things that I briefly considered were how to get more ward and life, annihilating light for more dps, going for the 27% cdr breakpoint, using only 1 heartbound loop, forbidden flame/flesh options, etc.
Could you please post a lvl80 tree? Thanks!
lolonnais wrote:
Amazing build! I've being farming expedition in city square and then logbooks with close to 0 issues. But i can't seem to work how to sustain RF. Any tips?

@lolonnais Need to allocate at least 2 life recoup nodes near the Intuitive loop
Am surprise the build even works for you.

xDeimondevilx wrote:
hi there mate, i wonder if you can help me. I just came back from a hiatus and was amazed with this build. However, i only looked on poe ninja for the layout of skills and items and cant get mine to loop. Wonder if you can help me. DO i need to change/add something?


I saw the pob, lots of issues. I will guide you to 9% CDR, not high budget 27% cdr.
Look at my guide and use that to buy a belt. See the belt section.

To Dust Jewels should be, 20, 20, 19. The Skeleton duration, first mod in jewel.
Gems in helm must be Anomalous Skeleton Level 11 - Forbidden rite 1 - Minion speed anomalous quality 20 - CWDT 5

That's it, your build should work.

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