[3.20] Cassie's ⚡ Galvanic Arc ⚡ Inquisitor | 30m DPS | ALL MAPS & BOSSES | League Starter/Newbies

Inquisitor Boss Kill Videos
- 3.20 DEATHLESS Maven (with mageblood): https://youtu.be/eATBKP-kjWM
- 3.20 2-Death Maven (no mageblood) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAszlPSqTPQ
- Maven's Invitation: The Feared (No mods, 3 deaths) https://youtu.be/HslZBX1llW4
- Deathless Maven-Witnessed Shaper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9k6wk5jtB5w
- Deathless 20 Wave Simulacrum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF9AZ-w35IM
- Deathless Maven's Invitation: The Twisted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9i92a77uZY
- Uber Elder (2 deaths) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezia96lzfUY
- Deathless Sirus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59I_Sn-Ortk
- Hard Aul, The Crystal King: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHwkueWmii8
- Maven's Invitation: The Elderslayers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD1T71gX5QY
- Uul-Netol's Pure Breachstone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH96nk46Mg4
- T16 Catarina: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y02EaFWqbgA
Update Notes
- Mar 7 2022: Added slightly more max energy leech at the cost of Dexterity, which should come from rings anyway.
- Mar 20 2022: Slightly tweaked crit sources at endgame, updated clarity and gems for Ultra Tank POB.
- April 7 2022: Further small tweaks to the leveling trees.
- April 19 2022: Large improvements to all builds.
- April 22 2022: Further improvements to the ultra tank build.
- May 11 2022: Retired the chaos immune POB, updated all builds in preparation for 3.18, gaining 30% dps.
- May 14 2022: Very minor leveling tree tweaks.
- May 15 2022: Further leveling tweaks, particularly for dealing with archnemesis mods.
- May 16 2022: Gem priority improvement, minor leveling tweak.
- May 17 2022: Updated trees to 3.18 with the POB update release.
- May 19 2022: Endgame scaling tweaks, introduced unleash seal count mastery.
- May 25 2022: Minor change to the final melding POB, and also added melding leveling trees!
- May 26 2022: Minor tree changes for mana sustain on high-end trees
- May 27 2022: Fixed mageblood bossing tree for 3.18
- August 16 2022: Rewrote the guide and entire POB for Trickster.
- August 17 2022: Minor level 100 tree change.
- August 18 2022: Doedre's Malevolence was removed from the game. Reworked the guide to use Thunderfist for Arc, and 6L Galvanic Field.
- August 19 2022: Added an Aegis aurora +2 enlighten 4s setup for those who want to be tankier with less DPS.
- August 19 2022: Swapped the 4L and 6L positions, due to finding out shocks can fall off during galvanic field's duration in practice.
- August 20 2022: Some improvements to leveling and final trees, and the budget item sets.
- August 21 2022: Some more minor leveling tips in POB.
- August 23 2022: More minor improvements to the trees, a fix for 5% missing suppression after nerfs.
- August 24 2022: Added essence of horror gloves to the budget set.
- August 26 2022: Fully consolidated the bossing and mapping setups into different item sets and trees.
- August 27 2022: Deleted the Aegis tree, added an Evasion-based tree, tweaked suppression values to make capping easier.
- August 28 2022: Added Lightning Conduit focused gem setups as an option. This is purely for bossing and tricky to play, but the damage is good. Replaced the Quartz with Jade in the Evasion POB.
- August 29 2022: Added Inquisitor POBs. Small endgame updates.
- August 30 2022: Flask tweaks. Added an Inquisitor tank variant.
- August 31 2022: Replaced Wave of Purification with Arc on the Inquisitor CWDT. Also replaced critical damage support with faster casting. Also updated its cluster jewel.
- September 2 2022: Minor level high level tree tweaks on all builds.
- September 3 2022: More very minor tree tweaks. Added a suppression cluster jewel.
- September 6 2022: Extremely large level 90-100 tree improvements.
- September 8 2022: 90-100 leveling tree tweaks for ES Inquisitors.
- November 24 2022: Stylized many parts of the guide.
- December 4 2022: Retired the Inquisitor suppression version.
- December 8 2022: Trickster was indirectly buffed, updated some information.
- December 9 2022: Updated to POB for 3.20.
- December 17 2022: Minor updates and fixes for 3.20.
- December 31 2022: Moderate improvements to endgame trees.
- January 1 2023: Completely reworked the Trickster trees.
- January 6 2023: Minor trickster changes.
- January 9 2023: Changed Trickster's anointment to support Enfeeble on all setups.
- January 11 2023: Minor endgame tweaks.
- January 12 2023: Labelling changes.
- January 13 2023: Huge Inquisitor improvements.
- January 15 2023: Inquisitor gem setup improvements, including a defensive Arc for ES leech.
- January 19 2023: Added Mageblood setup to Inquisitor.
- February 1 2023: Significant aura changes for Inquisitor, and some flask changes.
- February 8 2023: Minor tree and leveling tweaks.
- February 9 2023: Very minor tweaks.
- February 18 2023: Tripled the damage of mageblood inquisitor. Minor other tweaks.
- February 20 2023: More mageblood tweaks.
- February 21 2023: Added a mageblood uber keystone bossing setup.
- March 5 2023: Significant improvements to the endgame and Mageblood trees.
- March 12 2023: Fully refined the Inquisitor leveling trees and gems. Removed the trickster POB, as it has been overtaken by Inquisitor even at low levels. Added an Annihilating Light gear and passive setup, which is halfway between normal endgame and mageblood strength.
- March 16 2023: More leveling tree changes.

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cassie's Galvanic Arc guide. This guide will cover the fundamental concepts, as well as some advice for new players trying it as their first build.

3.20 changes (HUGE buffs): Curses for this build were buffed, on both versions. This is in addition to the removal of the curse penalty on bosses, which makes curses apply at normal effect on uber bosses now, compared to 33% before.

This build was inspired by my personal desire to see a self-caster succeed in downing endgame bosses, as well as a general dislike of trigger setups for spells. Finding all of the necessary mechanics to make the build work was a pretty unique challenge, as most of the scaling used, such as Unleash and Shimmeron, are not widely recognized by other builds. It's been a fiddly game of threading the needle around popular but weaker caster mechanics, such as life and cast speed builds.

In its current state, this build is perfect for league starting, and moving all the way through the entire t16 money grind (100div+) to set up a meta build from this build's profits. This build is capable of killing all pinnacle bosses, but may struggle some on the uber versions. Atlas keystone uber-uber bosses should be hard but possible on 300div+. The core of this build is about 20 div total.


- Great for leveling, and especially your first time to reach maps, with many core uniques keeping it simple.
- Unleash seals, Galvanic dot, and no spell echo, giving very high mobility for a self-caster.
- Very good map clear.
- Able to down all boss content.
- Scales all the way from junk items to Mageblood perfection.


- Almost unplayable for SSF and hardcore due to the dependence on uniques.
- Relatively expensive to finish. However, you can reasonably complete content on about 5-10div budget.


Path of Building Community is an incredibly important tool for managing character builds in Path of Exile. In fact, you won't be able to view this guide in full without it. You can find the download here: https://github.com/PathOfBuildingCommunity/PathOfBuilding/releases

After installing POB Community, you will need to import my build to view it. Open the program, and create a new build. Then, click on the Import/Export build button in the top left. From this page, copy the POB link, which is a pastebin, poe ninja, or pobbin URL. Do not open the link, only copy the link to your clipboard. Then, back on POB, click on "Import from website", paste the link, click import, then click import again. You will now have my build imported.

On the bottom middle of the screen, you will see a dropdown menu with "100" selected; click this menu to view lower level passive trees. You should work through these in order as you level up.

Click the "Items" tab on the top, there you can see an overview of the final items used in the build. In the top middle of the screen, you will see a dropdown menu that says "Final Setup", you can click this menu to view the alternate gear sets used, including leveling and budget item setups. You will need these.

Then, click the "skills" tab in the top left; this will give you an overview of the skill setups used in the guide. MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU GET A JAWS OF AGONY WEAPON SWAP SETUP FOR MAPPING.

Having a loot filter installed is extremely important to playing efficiently. There are many guides available for how to install these, but in short, you copy them into documents/my games/path of exile. I recommend Neversink's Strict filter to start, eventually moving up to Uber Strict later on. You can find Neversink's loot filter here: https://github.com/NeverSinkDev/NeverSink-Filter/releases

Many newer players get confused by skill gem links. This is explained in the very beginning of the game, but I'll explain it in brief here. Essentially, there are two types of skill gems: Active, and Support. Active gems create a skill you can use by pressing a button on your action bar. Support gems are used to 'support' these active skills. In order to gain the power of a support gem on a skill, you must have it linked with that skill, inside your armor. For this, you need an item to put the two desire skill gems into, with a "link" showing between the sockets they fit in. You'll know it when you see it. If you've done this correctly, then the ability on your action bar will have a tiny letter icon over the larger icon, indicating which support skills are working.

Midgame can be quite tough when you don't know what you're doing. One of the big secrets is to use "Seething" or "Effusive" life flasks. Starting around level 40/act 4, you can grab a sacred or hallowed life flask from the vendor, then use transmutation orbs/alteration orbs/augmentation orbs to make a life flask with these mods. On pressing this button, you will instantly heal to almost full health. You can also use it rapidly.

Finally, learning to be efficient early can go a long way to preventing burnout. Many new players spend a lot of time clearing out Campaign areas, but you really don't need to do this. Focus on finding the quest item or exit you're looking for, then leave. You can always spawn new campaign areas full of monsters by Control-clicking either the waypoint node in the waypoint menu to open a new instance, or control-clicking the door. You don't need all the monsters dead.

This section will break down each piece of scaling involved in the build. It won't be completely comprehensive, but should provide an understanding of the mechanics.

Primarily, this build scales with shock effect, lightning penetration, and crit. To this end, 100% crit is achieved primarily by scaling Power Charges with maximum power charges, and Shimmeron. Shimmeron provides 10% crit multi and 0.3% base crit per power charge, among other stats. Power charges already provide huge critical strike bonuses, but this makes it so we hardly need crit from any other sources.

With the new lightning mastery "Shocks you inflict spread to other enemies within a radius of 10", the build effectively got a 65% clearspeed buff. This is because your Arc will always be hitting a nearby target prior to chaining to the next, making the next hit scaled by shock, with the exception of the first hit. This new mastery is insane.

Power charges are not just for crits, however. Shimmeron provides a flat lightning damage bonus to spells as well. By getting the Inner Conviction keystone from Militant Faith timeless jewel, we get 3% more damage per power charge for 27%, while disabling frenzy charges. In our main six-link setup, we use Power Charge on Crit Support, which grants 4% more damage per power charge, adding up to 36% and keeping our power charges up consistantly.

While not a popular option, Shock effectiveness provides another gigantic multiplier to our boss DPS. In ordinary circumstances, you'll only be shocking a pinnacle boss for about 20%, but by taking these minimal nodes, we can raise it to 65%. By doing so, we can do absolute TONS of damage using Galvanic Field (6m+ DPS from the field alone). I'm expecting them to nerf it next patch.

Another unusual, but super powerful element of this setup is the use of Unleash. Because Spell Echo is unreliable due to locking you in place while casting, leading to many frustrating deaths, this build uses Unleash and moderate cast speed instead. The biggest benefit of Unleash is clear speed, because you can cover five times as many targets in one cast with all seals unleashing. However, this is also extremely useful for bosses, as it effectively gives a 100% more multiplier on your first hit after moving around to dodge boss mechanics (base hit+100% more from all the seals hitting). Mobility is the name of the game.

By no means a controversial choice, this build also uses a large amount of energy shield, protected from chaos damage by Shavronne's Wrappings, with Pain Attunement and extra auras for extra damage.

Through Determination, the build has anywhere from 10-20k armour, depending on flask uptime. This, in combination with Polymath on-kill recovery, makes it very stable against many small hits in maps.

Shimmeron causes a significant amount of lightning degen. To offset this, the build uses very high energy shield leech with Ghost Reaver and Soul Drinker. Energy leech is very nice for sustaining, which is ordinarily a problem for some caster builds.

My Gear (Sanctum League):

You can find leveling items in the item sets in POB, and leveling trees from the alternate tree dropdown. A guide on how to find this is in section 1.

For the main setup, we use 6-link arc, and 4-link galvanic field in thunderfist. See POB for optimal support gems.

For the main aura setup, which I recommend placing in your boots, you will use Determination, Clarity, and Purity of Elements with enlighten. Level 2 enlighten is fine, but 3 or 4 is preferable. Your Clarity can be higher level with higher Enlighten. See POB for optimal support gems. This gem setup changes once you have mageblood.

Your life auras will primarily be in your prism guardian, but may vary if you haven't bought that yet, or switched to annihilating light. See POB for optimal support gems.

Your helmet will have either a CWDT setup or a bane setup, which varies per class. See POB for optimal support gems.

In our weapon swap, we use Jaws of Agony to throw Fire Trap with Multiple Traps and Cluster Traps, to generate power charges out of combat. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

For the primary Pantheon, we use Solaris for bossing.

For the minor god, Ralakesh is very nice for preventing bleed deaths when your bleed immunity flask is down, as well as semi-immunity to corrupted blood. Lategame when you are running Searing Exarch altars you can use Abberath for burning ground immunity.

For bandits, help Alira.

- No regeneration
- Elemental reflect
- Cannot leech from monsters

- Reduced recovery rate
- Monsters steal charges on hit

- Reduced aura effect
- Lower max resistances
- Monsters are shock immune
- #% of monster damage added as (element)
- Phys reflect (you need to unsocket your wave of conviction)

Free loot:
- Shocked or chilled ground, we're immune.


My atlas tree:
Hard, dangerous high profit version: poeurl.com/dQdj
Easy, medium profit version: poeurl.com/dQdk

For the easy version, I recommend running gilded Blight scarab, and 2-3 sacrifice fragments. Run Toxic Sewers, and use Alva whenever possible (possibly including a charged compass).

For the hard profit version, use four random gilded (or polished) scarabs which Growing Hordes converts into 28-40% pack size. For your charged compass mods, use 'attract monsters from beyond', 'oils found in your maps are 1 tier higher', and 'area contains a blight encounter'. If you want to save a little time, you can map device craft blight or beyond instead, for about 4c a map tax. Sextants tend to be cheaper to run. If your build can handle this setup, you should strongly consider running the blight maps and especially blight-ravaged maps you come across too.

When running Alva, fully upgrade the gem double corruption and armor corruption chambers. These are Locus of Corruption (-max res in the temple), and Doryani's Institute (gems). Take the chronicle and sell it when you get level 3s.

Harvest is simple, just get all the yellow juice, it's a 'gray' icon inside the harvest. It's worth twice as much as the other colors.

Eldritch altars are somewhat self explanatory, just be careful. You can juice a little (And i do mean not much) extra currency if you: ignore bad/cheaps rewards, leaving the altar unpicked, go clear more, find a good reward (Chance for grand eldritch ichor), then go BACK and spawn the extra mobs from the bad altar. Also kill the map boss ASAP if you find it, to block map boss reward selection.

With blight, you'll run the blight maps you find. FAVORITE A MAZE-LIKE MAP SUCH AS TOXIC SEWER.
- 3x teal anoint on regular blight maps, to save opportunity cost, so you can run them faster. Or you can use verdant for double experience points, but it's not too good for higher levels.

Blight-Ravaged SPECIFIC info:
- Watch tripolarbear's guide (VERY IMPORTANT), but use my ring enchants and anointments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBwXf3MzvXM
- Blight-ravaged, anoint 3x silver, 3x black, 1x violet, and 2x amber. IF you have blight-ravaged on 100% completion rate and you're running a LOT, and KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, run 3x gold, 3x silver, 1x black, 2x amber.
- NEVER build minion or lightning towers.
- Use freezing on chilling towers ring enchant, and meteor burning ground ring enchant.
- Never run with 'mobs cannot be stunned', 'mobs avoid elemental ailments', or 'mobs action speed can't be reduced'. It bricks the following combo.
- Your main strat, PER LANE, is to permastun the mobs with seismic 3 (NOT 4) towers in an empower tower 3's ring (NOT 4). It permastuns all mobs including bosses.
- Nearby, build a meteor tower for dps.
- Closer to the pump than this combo because chilling towers have limited targets, put a chilling 3 tower to permafreeze, preferably in range of a meteor tower. Be sure no blight tendrils get around your wall of enhanced seismic towers and freezes.
- Even with the combo, a tiny number of mobs will be immune to both stun and freeze, but it shouldn't be enough to kill the pump. You only need to DPS these ones.

- Crafting a power charge on Crown of The Inward Eye using corruptions is about 1/100 chance. This can sometimes be cheaper than buying it pre-corrupted because of the high drop rate of bases, but will take substantial time to buy hundreds of crowns.
- It's quite often cheaper to buy magic 2mod jewels and regal them up to 3mod, rather than buying the 3mod, because the magics go really cheap.
- If you run my atlas tree for blight, you'll get Oil Extractors and enchant rings/amulets. You can loot these and compare each of them from a quad tab or something to this list for easy money: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/t3oef0/best_anointed_mods_for_oil_extractors_317/
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Nice build, what do you think about using the new "Melding of Flesh" jewel to make u 90% all res and possible Defience banner?
LorneWithHorn wrote:
Nice build, what do you think about using the new "Melding of Flesh" jewel to make u 90% all res and possible Defience banner?

I've added a setup that includes melding and max res clusters, definitely worth having the option, but level 98 is necessary to fit all the resistance and jewel sockets. Probably a more cost-efficient option than buying Sanctuary of Thought forbidden jewels, actually!

Defiance banner doesn't quite fit the mana reservation in lategame. The build already struggles a bit on reservation and mana sustain.
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Sorry for the noobness, are we helping Alira in the bandit quest?
anakin432 wrote:
Sorry for the noobness, are we helping Alira in the bandit quest?

Yes! It's in the POB. I'll add it to the guide right now. I missed adding that haha
Last edited by Cassie322 on Feb 24, 2022, 2:59:08 PM
Whats the mtx?
Whats the mtx?

- Celestial Arc
- Celestial Orb of Storms
- Innocence Wings
- Innocence Character Effect
- Betrayal Aura
- Radiant Shield
- Betrayal Helmet Attachment
- Sunspire Hood
- Sunspire Body Armour
- Golden Seraph Gloves
- Golden Seraph Boots
- Angelic Weapon
- Legacy Weapon
- Legacy Footprint
- Innocence Portal
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Whats most important power charge + or enchant on helmet?

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