[3.18] SadPanda's Summon Crit Mage Skeletons Guide | Kill every endgame boss with 3x hp

Hey guys, I have been receiving a lot of questions about the character I made in archnemesis so I decided to write up some notes on decisions I made during the creation of my character: SadPandaArchMage.

This character is extremely tanky with incredible dps, can do all content with all mods very easily. I will showcase my items and the reasons I put behind those items. The character is hybrid with 4.5k + life and 1.5k + es depending on the gear you choose with block as its base mechanic.
Heres the character link:

Pob link:
it seems to be wrong so you can choose to extract from my profile MrsDeath_ or simply follow the poe ninja, sorry I just hate pob.


Some reasons behind those item choices:

Firstly: I would aim to get a fleshcrafter, you don't have to get a +2 from get-go, if you decide to get a 5 link you can extract crit multi from the support gems.

Then you should get a shield: aegis aurora. This one is really big and really important for our defense. Since we have 75 spell block and 69 attack block. This shield replaces some of our energy shield based on our armour when we block. This becomes really big replenishment when we are basing our character on defiance banner and determination.
Side note: I did manage to double corrupt my shield into +5 block on implicit so that takes us to 75 attack block, if you can buy it that would be a huge upgrade.
Side note 2: you can get a divergent tempest shield gem and divergent bone offering gem to max out your attack block.

Then you can start from wand and then boots and then helmet, styigan belt, amulet, gloves etc.

On these parts: I prefer picking up a simple minion damage wand at first or something like +2 wand without speed or minion damage. +2 wand is important when it comes to us spawning 4 spectres and strengthening our skeletons. You could get some armour on your helmet, gloves, belt etc to boost your armour furthermore.
I find +1 maximum skele number on our amulet to be absolutely necessary and a big dmg boost, even more than 1 level amulet. I would say get that with some stats, resists and life.
Anointment: I really like Sanctuary to boost our resits and block. It is very cheap with 2 teal and 1 amber oil.

I prefer to get 100% reduced chill effect so we will get brine king upgraded and a ring suffix with 50%+ reduced chill effect.

Flasks: They are important for our defenses and offense in some parts. Bottled faith is not mandatory but it really helps with our mage skeleton crits since they are crit based. Before you get a bottled faith, you could a silver flask for utility and movement.


Jewels: New implicits on jewels are really useful for us, I prefer a jewel with taunt and hinder on it to improve some of our utility against the monsters and bosses. Other than that, 3 jewels could give us stun immunity and really improved reduced ignite duration on us. With that in mind, we can get life, minion attack and cast speed and some flat damage on our jewels.

Cluster jewels: be sure to get a blessed rebirth. Thats really important to make our minions invulnerable after 4 seconds of their spawn. Then you can get a renewal next to it if you can afford. Then comes an lead by example jewel, I love this to boost my minions with an enduring warcry. Then I would pick up large cluster jewel with renewal, call to slaughter and rotten claws. We skip rotten claws and only pickup 1 redundant point at start then rust to 2 jewel sockets to place medium jewels there.
Side note: you can grab a vicious bite instead of call to slaughter on the large jewel. It is expensive but worth it.
Put your covenants jewels onto tip of the medium jewels to make their downscaling effects to be ineffective.
Side note 2: Which points do we take on our cluster jewels? Just to inform other people and answer for everyone, on the medium jewels we pick: 1 lead by example 1 renewal and 1 blessed rebirth.
on the large jewel we pick: 1 renewal and 1 vicious bite or 1 call to slaughter.
This means on the minion jewel we spend 4 points and on the warcry jewel we spend 3 points, on the large minion jewel we spend 5 points in total.


Large clusters:
-cheaper version with call to slaughter
-more expensive version with vicious bite

On our chest I prefer: Summon Skeletons- Pierce - Greater multiple projectiles- Spell echo- Increased Critical Damage support and minion damage.

We swap grater multiple projectiles with hypothermia when we are dealing with single target such as big hp bosses.
Boots: +2 aoe or aura corrupted boots are really cheap and easy to get so, I put my aura gems here. These are genrosity+ zealotry and defiance banner + determination, with links being only 2 link requirements. Defiance banner and determination wont be linked to generosity.

classic lifetap + desecrate + bone offering, in that order.

A helmet with +1 skele +1 zombie craft and elder minion life mode in it. This is important to support our zombies + spectres + animate guardian with a minion life + meatshield support.

On your gloves or shield: link your stone golem with feeding frenzy and rest of the gems are flame wall, enduring cry, molten shell, tempest shield and flame dash. I prefer enduring cry for lead by example node on cluster to give our minions onslaught and some survivability to us, I add flame wall to make our minions deal more flat damage. On the ring I have sniper's mark to make it easier to kill ads in bosses and deal more damage.

Spectres: I prefer a bit different spectres than others.
In order you should get these spectres:
Carnage chieftain - act 2 - the old fields
Host chieftain - act 6 - southern forest
Heretical guardian - act 10 - ravaged square
Pale seraphim - can be spawned with phantasmal desecrate or go /global 6666 and ask for it or pm me.

I use 3 of these to boost our skele mage dmg and 1 to protect us from outside hits. I find heretical guardian useful in many helpful situations. I absolutely recommend it.

Animate Guardian:
Classic items with some changes.
Garb of the ephermal
Boots with brittle implicit on them for 4 seconds they move.
Gloves with unnerve implicit or explicit, you can grab 55% chance implicit ones with some resists on them.
Helmet with nearby enemies takes increased elemental damage mode.

Be absolutely sure that your AG is level 20, I pick a "minions gain %5 life on minion death" mastery to make sure our supporting minions survive hard situations, be sure to pick up that mastery too.

Pantheons: Big pantheon: Brine king. Upgrade it to the fullest, gives us freeze immunity, block recovery, chill immunity with one ring suffix.
Small pantheon: New small pantheon: soul of abberath, it is great with upgraded making you avoid all the burning dmg ground degen.

Achievements of the build:
Has killed an aul depth 600 without help with 2x hp
Has cleared feared with 3x hp and rare
Has killed maven, uber elder and other bosses with 3x hp
Has killed new bosses with 3x hp.
Has cleared wave 30 simul, can afk to wave 25.
Can tank wave 27-28-29-30 double bosses in simulacrum.
Cleared toughest feared encounters I thrown at her.
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
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Solid build for sure :) take it from me that is running a bleak copy of him :) standing in Delerius, double beyond stuff in t15-16 and fighting my way through currently at lvl 91. Currently sitting on 3610HP and 1935 ES.
still on a +1 wand :) and no bottled faith :)
No helm enchant yet still going extremely strong :)
You really wrote a guide for skele mages... Naaah u didnt, it´s not like there are like 30 guides for it already :D
Vennto wrote:
You really wrote a guide for skele mages... Naaah u didnt, it´s not like there are like 30 guides for it already :D

Not as good as mine ^^
I get 5 questions a day on my build since I am high ranked and do boss services regularly. So this is a thread where I can point them.
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
Hi MrsDeath_!

I love your build, but I have questions.

Why a wall of flames?

Hum, you have an error in POB, generosity is linked with détermination, i can watch 12k armour and not 43k ;)
Sho0oryuken wrote:
Hi MrsDeath_!

I love your build, but I have questions.

Why a wall of flames?

Hum, you have an error in POB, generosity is linked with détermination, i can watch 12k armour and not 43k ;)

I don't use pob so i dk about that. I don't recommend it cuz all the numbers are wrong there. Dont use that program just copy the poe ninja

Wall of flames adds flat dmg to our skellies and makes rainbow colors with trancendence wall of flames skin. It makes our skellies shoot rainbows out of bosses. Pretty fun ^^
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
lool, but it's same on poe.ninja :D

ty for explanation, i'll try your version, without the second cluster jewel...
Sho0oryuken wrote:
lool, but it's same on poe.ninja :D

ty for explanation, i'll try your version, without the second cluster jewel...

I have 2x 2 links in my boots so they are not linked ^^ You might have misseen it or something. I think second cluster is a waste. We already have enough dmg to destroy everything.
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
Sorry, but no, i dont have enougth damage for simulacrum 30...
Well I don't have your stuff either :D

Great guide and a different take from what i am doing but this seems solid too.

Your amulet is crazy good but i wanted to know, would you be able to use Ashes of the stars instead - Yes you loose the 1 Skeleton true but all your other gems get buffed a lot.

Of course this will be a stepping stone to your current amulet.

Otherwise this build seems easy enough to build up to currency wise. There are some nice guides on how to craft the wand etc.

From what i have seen the double corruptions are nice but not needed. This build is crazy good.

Thanks for the guide!!!

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