Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas Console Launch

PS was supposed to launch an hour after us so that’s probably why they aren’t bitching yet
Hi there, Exiles! Both PlayStation & Xbox realms are live now. If you are experiencing any issues can you please log out of the game-client and log back in again to see if that helps?

I hope you continue to enjoy your travels throughout Wraeclast!
Need help? Contact Support :)
#2130 in queue on Xbox and still waiting???
Too bad the new tabs is delayed, I was looking forward to them finally!, I hope you take not too long time and the reason is you will improve them, escpecially the gem tab is far to small. Hardly enough space for one of each if you take all variants, ofcourse better than nothing but I would prefer to pay eventually more for better storage. Also consider a Jewel tab aswell, with space for all kind of Jewels.
Hello GGG. Thanks for the update. I would like to purchase one of the core or archnemesis supporter packs but it's not fully available in my ps-store. I could only buy the ones shown in the image in this post, most of them would only come with weapon skins but no other outfit skins.

I had the same issue with Dread supporter pack when I bought it and at a later date I could upgrade that supporter pack to have the outfit included too but as I see that option is too gone from the PS store now. Please see the picture I attach and if anybody knows why some of the packs aren't available fully please let me know.

I live in the UK and my PS account is set to UK store although I am not sure as I set up a console in Hungary too but that one is out of use.

Edit: I figured it out. Need to upgrade each leauge supporter pack 2 times to unlock it completly, also can only see the option for this ingame.
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Any news when consoles will get patches 7-12? Or are we going to wait weeks like last league?

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