Effects Feedback Thread (Spells ,Waterfalls ,Falling leaves ect.)

Buyable Vorici's black shadow body effect for amulet,ring or belt.

Would be amazing, or? :D

I would love it ^^
I just want a way to reduce the particle effects, they're so OTT and cause frame rate issues.
So, I have a good and a bad news:

Bladefall sound effect is very well done. it sounds fine no matter how frequently it's triggered.
Icestorm sound effect is totally opposite.


Icestorm is painful to listen, the sound clip linked above shows a default usage mode for Icestorm.

The game had a tremendously fun and rewarding PvP experience.
Sorry to say, but Burning and Shocking ground makes my eyes bleeding (and are reducing my fps by ~half). At the same time Chilled and Desecrated ground are fine for me. It is hard to see Consecrated ground (i'm usually can only see it by its buff icon in top left part of screen).
Support SGT leagues:
Dual strike MTX or can we tone down the current effect? The problem is the dual strike effect is quite nice, but it overrides so many weapon mtx's especially with the trail ones you guys have been adding lately which are nice.

I almost wish I could turn the effect off for it, or that there was some cool options for it. I know it's a lesser used skill but, with ancestral Call it's actually playable now.

a gloom or darker or more gas like effect, where the blades are more doing a trail instead of a huge blocky animation, should let MTX on weapons bleed through a bit better.

That way I can enjoy my weapon MTXs with the skill some.
Storm Call now just have 1 microtransaction skin effects ,No plan to make more ? Each time i Leveling to The Templar Courts see the Temple Adjudicator use Storm Call it's golden and I am very envious.
Celestial RF is cool and looks great but you cannot see shit underneath it.

Ground effects, tiny enemies (larva, crabs) Lab saws and depressed spikes are all basically invisible when using it sadly.
Hey GGG, thanks for all the great content so far.

It would be awesome if Flicker Strike default or an MTX left a brief afterimage of the character.
Maybe a blurred, semitransparent or a shimmer afterimage or similar effect.

That adds the feeling of speed for using the ability - and would look damn cool as well.


A quick thought on how it could be programmed. I guess the formula for how long the afterimage lasts could start at a base (eg 0.4sec), that scales down to minimum base (eg 0.1sec) based on attack speed.
That would then add to the feeling of the skill improving as you power up.
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