3.17.0 Hotfix 8

good stuff.. BUT PLEASE FIX BLIGHT ASAP. im screwed!
Could also nerf that mana burn aura of death. That thing is ridiculous for melee/close range builds.
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Could you please fix the missing of vaal skills buffs ?

Lots of spell skills gems got a huge buff, but NOT THEIR VAAL VERSION.

Which is a terrible overall nerf and a big nerf to the feeling of using vaal skills...

It has to be a mistake please fix it !

Thank you
Blighted map can be opened thru Jun.

Any chaos donation is welcome from all your AFK farmers.
MochaButt wrote:
Blighted map can be opened thru Jun.

doens't work for me.
Darn, none of my blighted opens on my map device. But all work thru Jun
Hmmmm....Seems to be a blighted map problem.
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None of my blight maps works thru Jun, also I can't even spam it to open now. Seems completely busted.
Fixed a bug which prevented the 'Shaping the Mountains' passive from working.

Yeah, no. It's still not working.
nice, next blighted map !!

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