3.17.0 Hotfix 7

craft block chance on shields gone! its bug? or intended?
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Maven invitation not droped....
This is not fixed. I have dmet the criteria for 5 different maven invitations at this point and not a single drop. Please fix this
I just wanted to add a my 2 cent on the issue of the colour of atlas missions. I think the buggy version was much better. Fixing this bug means that people have to either skip the higher level content completely, or be stuck without missions on the content they usually run. E.g. I often run content that is too hard for my build for fun&challenge, but then go back down to easier content for grinding. I know that most posters here probably run juiced T16s in their sleep but not everyone does ;)
The bugged version of this mechanic was much better. Alternatively you could let the player choose what colour missions they want. But tbh I think the bugged version of the mechanic is better than explicit choosing.
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