[3.17] Penance and Friends - 10 mill dps - max block - 2k regen/leech - 9k ci - 10c / SSF

I did some messing around with this because I played a Archmage Hiero Penance in 3.14 and loved the build and it did some pretty crazy numbers.

The way penance works is it needs to stack up to 20 charges to hit the "Max Explosion per Brand" you have selected in POB. To get the explosion you need to pull the brand off the enemy, or it needs to die. With the Brand mastery that attaches to a new enemy every .3 seconds, it doesn't have the chance to hit that max stack number. It really only hits "energy explosion" which is a fraction of the damage.

To hit those numbers you should change the brand mastery to "Brand Recall has 50% increased cooldown" and run Anomalous Brand Recall with Ashes of the Stars (I believe this works, haven't tested yet) to get very quick cooldown on recall. It will still clear packs pretty well - maybe not quite as good as with the previous brand mastery, but still well enough.

Then, once you get to the boss, cast 2 brands on it and wait 3-4 seconds (depending on activation time//cast speed//brand duration) to remove the brands to do the big explosion damage. Min/max is as soon as you hit 20 charges, but in practice right before the brands expire would be fine. At "Max Stages Energy Pulsing" (IE, brands are at 20 stages, still attached to the boss) it only does 1/10th the damage, so timing is important. If brand duration is 4 seconds, count 3 Mississippi and recall them. Should work just fine.
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The pastebin is giving me an error. I have the updated pob version.
OneTwoTimer wrote:

Here's the lvl 100 tree:

Builds should be "finished" by level 94 just saying. level 100 is not something most players reach.
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Looks like the newest PoB update messes up the pastebin. Would you mind posting a new one? Also, im interested in seeing what the gearing options are after just the ES rares.
hello sire, i have the same problem with the pob, would like to try it as a league preparation. cheers
The latest POB update fixes the POB in the first post
A word of warning, POB does not compute the DPS of penance brand correctly and gives number that are overestimated by a very large margin.
The POB formula looks like it does:
Average hit x hit rate
This is fine for most skills but not penance brand.
To get a rough estimate of penance brand DPS you can do:
Max explosion x 2 / brand duration
If you want to get the real DPS of penance brand then you will need to do some math :)

It's important to note that the energy penance brand stacks on enemy is unique to the enemy. Two brand stacks energy twice as fast BUT the first brand that explodes removes all the energy stacks. This lowers you damage output tremendously as your second brand will explode with very low stack.
A great tool to prevent that is the Remarkable passive from medium cluster jewel that gives a 35% chance a casting 2 brand at once insuring that both brand explodes at the same time thus maximizing the explosion damage.
The over way (as suggested in a previous post) is to use brand recall, generally just wait for the brand to start pulsing and recall to trigger a double explosion.
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