[3.19] Enki's Lowlife Chaos DoT Occultist - Bane & Essence Drain

pause champ
My computer cant wait anymore
Enki91 wrote:
Finally done with this guide! Sorry that it took so long, been having a blast with this league and barely got to write anything.

Damn, same.
Can't seem to take the time to write a guide If I spend all my time playing!
T16 video kind of underwhelming. But hopefully the build gets better.
Hi filthy casual here.

Currently using this build. First of all, what a well written and presented build! Both in the forum post but also in POB. Great job on that.

I am running red maps with low/mid tier gear and it feels good to map. I do however have problems with single target damage. Though again, I still need to invest more before this will improve.

You can see my build here:

Again thanks for the build.
Why are you using Zealotry in this? Is the 10% spell damage worth that much for a whole aura?
Build from Enki, lets goo :D

One question before I dive into though: Can u quickly point out the differences to subtractems Bane Occultist?
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Another Enki build. I'll give it a go.
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nice build
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