BS Relic of the Pact Inquisitor, Ignite

Relic of the Pact is a unique wand that gives the Blood Sacrament skill which uses a reservation of your life with each cast. The more life your reserve the more damage and area. I reserve 84% of my life with Essence Worm for fast casting so it goes off with each cast with a large AOE.

Blood Sacrament is a physical spell, I convert most of it to fire damage with Watchers Eye Anger and conversion on the skill tree. The relic has increased damage with ailments so you get a burn with your hits.
I use Flammability because the Inquisitors elemental resists to zero is only for hits. Ignite doesnt count as a hit.

*Note* If you hover your mouse over your life pool and use BS skill you can see how much life you are reserving with the skill.

Heres the actual description of Blood Sacrament.

New BS.
Blood Sacrament, granted by the Relic of the Pact Unique Wand, now deals ~58% more Base Damage. It no longer has 80% more Damage with Hits and Ailments per 10 Life Reserved by this Skill. Instead, it now has 40% more Damage with Ailments per 10 Life Reserved by this Skill, and 80% more Damage with Hits per 10 Life Reserved by this Skill. It now gains +0.3% to Radius per 1% Life Reserved by this Skill (previously +0.4), and has a base Life Reservation of 2% (previously 3%). Now has a 0.35 second cooldown, and a 0.2 second cast time (previously 0.24 second).

Gear has skill gem links and enchantments etc. This is a Low life build that wants ES, Life, and attributes. You dont need a 6 link Shavs for build to work. So you loose 84% of your life with casting but that still leaves 16% of your life left, which is around a 900 life, nice!

Elemental ailment immune with the Cylopean Belt and Brine King pantheon.(except for chill. I have 8.2k Energy shield and 5.7k life.

The tree:

Bandits: Help Alira for more resists and critical multiplier.

Pantheon; Brine King , and Rakelesh

Ascendency: Righteous Providence, Inevitable Judgement, Sanctuary, Pious Path

Here are my jewels.Get a Watchers Eye with Anger phys conversion to fire, added crit multi is nice but can be expensive.


The build is fun to play. Hit them hard before they hit you is the plan. You cant be asleep at the wheel with this build.

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Looks like they are going to change Supreme Ego. You can have more than 1 aura but only gets improvement with reservation. Kindof a damage nerf to Anger but maybe Discipline can be squeezed into the build.
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Made some nice changes. Elemental ailment immune with the Cyclopean belt, except for chill. Got up to 8k ES on a LL build with no Discipline.

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have a pob for this?
I just updated the build for 3.17. No path of building yet still working on it.
Loosing Supreme Ego kinda sucks for reserving life with BS but was able to squeeze in Discipline.

I was kinda hoping they would have Utlimatum for this 3.17 league but they didnt have time.
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Good way to get more AOE is a legacy version of Dying sun flask. No need to upgrade with new flask orbs.

The build still works well, changed up the tree a bit grabbing some more cast speed.

I put up alternative BS Ignite option on the page.

80% more Damage with Hits and Ailments per 10 Life Reserved

Maybe they will bring back the Relic wand for next league?
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Thanks for the guide. Yeah I do think ultimatum will come back next league. Is it possible to add squire to the build?
Ya I really hope they bring back Ultimatum.

Ya the Squire would be nice to play around with the mana reservation cost. I dont have one but maybe someday. I would use Power Charge on crit gem and get more charges on tree. You could use a Cast while Chanelling for another spell? I dunno. Maybe really go deep into Ignites? Faster casting? Get the 30% Life reserve efficiency on tree for more gems?

Oh ya the build is lacking a bit in Chaos Resist so a Atziri flask can help and gives a nice DPS bonus.
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