BS Relic of the Pact Inquisitor

Relic of the Pact is back for the new league!

Oh just read the patch notes of BS.

"not a healthy playstyle"

Blood Sacrament, granted by the Relic of the Pact Unique Wand, now deals ~58% more Base Damage. It no longer has 80% more Damage with Hits and Ailments per 10 Life Reserved by this Skill. Instead, it now has 40% more Damage with Ailments per 10 Life Reserved by this Skill, and 80% more Damage with Hits per 10 Life Reserved by this Skill. It now gains +0.3% to Radius per 1% Life Reserved by this Skill (previously +0.4), and has a base Life Reservation of 2% (previously 3%). Now has a 0.35 second cooldown, and a 0.2 second cast time (previously 0.24 second).

Gees I dunno , a buff to base damage but now has a Cooldown, skills not the same anymore. Less radius, less Life reservation, arg they are trying to kill it. Theres not enough high costed gems to up the reserve. Might have to add the Memory Vault.

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Ya looks like BS is done, or will not be the same, who knows maybe something can be worked out for it later.
What I like using was The Gull an Blunderbore with ROTP. it made it fun an kinda hard to kill since nothing got close cause it always knock back if it didnt die an aoe was so huge off the screen, or I would use the Ivory tower with it.

the shrine buffs was great since they up always, but haven't been back to tryed since they added the shine buffs as skill points on maps tho, been meaning to check it out again since its been some time since I last used it.

Oh man I just notice that might of the meek now also hits the constitution hp node now ;o at the time it didn't when I made my Blood sac thats a lost to my max hp abit, im sure there be a few problems with it, but im sure I can find work arounds.
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Updated build for 3.19. Hey BS is still pretty good. Cast speed makes it feel ok. You can do quick casts by letting go of BS. Seems like damage is still there. BS is not dead!
Updated build, so I changed things up a bit and went with some cold damage.
putting this build together to mess around with in standard. is there a reason we dont use pain attunement?
Oops ya totally use Pain Attunement. I guess I forgot to put it back after I was messing with the tree.

Also switched out Hypothermia for a more reliable Infused Channeling gem, level 21 if you got it, no quality needed as you wont the the infusion. Also went lightning conversion on the tree for more cast speed.

Ps. I think action speed is very good to get on your boots, speeds up the amination.
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Updated build, still works ok, also fun to play.

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