February Expansion Date Reveal

Teasers be teasing.
Hoping that siege of the atlas doesn't just mean new influenced maps.
Hype! Going to be my first HCSSF league
What's with the slack in providing local times?
In game contact @MajorAsshole
Ana/Ons: 8/8 | Dom/Nem: 7/8 | Amb/Inv: 8/8 | Ram/Bey: 8/8 | Tor/BL: 8/8 | War/Temp: -/8
T-Shirt: 4/6 | Full Challenge Totems: 18/26
Well, 4 days of PoE until Lost Ark releases at 8th
monkaS i am ready to fight
Not going to lie, pretty hyped as usual and as per Core supporter packs I am guessing 3-4 new "lieutenants" (pimped versions of the Elder guardians) and probably Maven Daddy.

For some reason I really hate the bubble around that thing's head though. Hated that in the supporter pack too. It just looks weird and out of place to me.
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i like the design

"THEY are coming"
Nice :D
Let´s see what kind of expansion is it.
win or fail
I hope a huge win

Cheers Pall
its a cute baby cthulhu, i hope he replaces maven and sad fight sirus

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