Core Supporter Pack Concept Art - Imperator

Monday post concept art. Friday post sale. Rinse and repeat.
that's why the game is late.

Not a fan of the new core packs. They stick very close conceptually to the blob of generic concepts previously explored.

The most fun I have with mtx is story crafting my character and making things fit together. Sort of like purely on-paper classes. Holy defector, brain in a jar, escaped blood golem, etc.

But the current core packs are surprisingly anemic in this regard. Even the names strike me as defaultish.

Chris likes MTG right? Would these packs cut it as even a 1/1 creature? Or do they look like tokens.

Nullifier is the only one that interests me even a little. I'm a sucker for anything Lovecraft. But, compared to silver crescent and abyssal lich, really it's just phoned in. That chest isn't even animated.

You're gonna have to get me with league supporter packs. I almost wish I had arranged a plan for the previous set.

This is surprising. I trash talked the Atlantis box but having gotten a few things from it through the various events I must recant. A lot of that stuff is creative and very pretty. And certainly more interesting in an imagined back story way than anything currently core.

Atlantis would have been truly amazing if the opposite to the diver theme had been more crablike than fishy, but credit where due that siren portal is pure eye candy, the air tank is nice and sleek-chonky, the diver portal is the most plausible looking one in the game, and the little frog with a helmet is solid gold.

Sidenote. Why don't you just put literally everything you've ever made in the store? As someone who owns a bunch of "exclusive" stuff I'd gladly surrender what ever value that has in exchange for access to better old stuff.

Make a vote on that if you dare :) (Point pledge to avoid meme birgade.)

Anyway, just some out of the way art feedback as it seemed a good place for it.
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I’m just curious if it was intended. But seems like quite many people agree that the incinerator felt off the mark in being the top tier design.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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That face ;)

Very cool! You’ve got some quite talented illustrators.
Jerle wrote:
I’m just curious if it was intended. But seems like quite many people agree that the incinerator felt off the mark in being the top tier design.

I would expect Incinerator to be the $100 pack to bring in the easy money. None of them catch my eye. Even as a wanna be support of the game, I really dont see myself buying any of the core supporter packs this year.

Also, in general, still bummed they dont have weapon mtx for each weapon type. That's janky GGG.
I would resume support when I’m allowed to convert perandus coins to something that equals their original purchase power. Making them worthless was really disappointing. Until then all I would say is kudos to the art team as their stuff is always fantastic as usual. Take my verbal support, if you will :)
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I can’t buy any more big supporter packs because the forum only supports showing 7 legacy tags.
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I know that Skins make money but please update on the new league, it's been forever.

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