Looking for some best buddies to join your travels through Wraeclast? Or maybe you want somewhere new to relax along the way? Now is the perfect time to find your new favourites because this weekend we are running a sale on Hideouts and Pets! You can view the full range of discounted microtransactions here.

If you need some inspiration, check out these awesome pets chilling out in some of the hideouts that are included in the sale!

Featured below: Glimmerwood Hideout, Labrador Pet, Pomeranian Dog Pet, Cinnamon Cat Pet and Mallard Duck Pet

Featured below: Tavern Hideout, Tranquil Ethercraft Pet, Sunrise Wolf Pet, Celestial Baby Elephant Pet and Sunprism Cat Pet

Featured below: Morbid Hideout, Grasping Hands Pet, Demonic Spider Pet, Demonic Cat Pet and Scavenger Bat Pet

Don't forget, we love to see the incredible hideouts you come up with, so be sure to post your creations over in our Hideout Showcase forum! For some more inspiration, check out the recently featured hideouts from the forum in our December 2021 Showcase video below.

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Grinding Gear Games
I thought the Sunprism cat (in the screenshot here) was a Sunprism micro-elephant. Now I want a Sunprism-micro elephant.


Edit: Sunprism not Celestial...
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Speaking of pets, can you guys make french bulldog pets PLEASE. Just like the ducks, have like 3 variations and then a group of them as well.
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ty GGG <3

HNY all!
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Grasping Hands pet is actually pretty good, though two at once makes for a better effect. Nice for a necromancer or witch character. =^[.]^=
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Cool! We can now see "already owned" on the website! Didn't know that yet. Thanks!
boldfacelies wrote:
I thought the celestial cat was a celestial micro-elephant. Now I want a celestial-micro elephant.


That's a joke i'm too groggy to grasp right? It's literally in the store underneat the celestial cat.
When will we have ability on special pets? such as set pet to pick up currency, fragment...etc, always die late game because of clicking loots
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