The Newest Addition to the Hall of Grandmasters Is Here...

Has he been added to the map yet? Look forward to trying him out with a couple builds. Haven't had any reason to run Grandmasters for a while now.

I have a pretty good sense of humor. I'm not German.
That map is starting to feel like it should just have an open ended portal and frustration should be the limit of how many times you can enter and exit.

I've never done my grandmaster and it wouldn't be in the same galaxy of some of the things in there. Standard is nothing but craziness.
Years and years of lying and they said nothing. Wallet Shut. F2P until the wheels fall off the POE1 servers.
Looks doable with bleed builds and builds with very high physical damage. Builds with very high elemental damage per hit might also work well, as recoup and block are useless against one shots. Only has 75% elemental resist, penetration should be key for elemental builds.

Does it have anything against ignites, other then ES recoup? Deadly Ailments Support should negate most of the recoup mechanic.
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Empyrian released a highlight video yesterday that shows a bunch of people dueling him on the build and what might work and not work. He did die a few times. It's not unkillable, but it looks like it will require a fairly expensive min-max build to do it.
One year later he is still a pain in the ass. GGG, fix this shit and make him killable. The point is to struggle, but to be able to do it, not to just face a brick wall.
That map and the $500 pack that came with it was a scam. It deserves no wall of text from even me. A straight-up scam. The fact that Exiles you put into it weren't snapshotted as monsters but instead are affected by player-character skill and gear changes was utter bullshit.

And watching streamers go through its first iteration, outright mocking most of the submissions, made me physically ill. 'Oops, there's a waste of 500 bucks...and another...and another...'

Really highlighted just what sort of jerks this game had attracted as its designated spokesmen.

Eh, that was probably needlessly negative. Not as needlessly negative as the $500US hole in my bank account, but hey, according to said streamers, that just makes me an idiot. :)
Why am I always right about the wrong things? I knew PoE 2 had to be a new game and mocked anyone claiming otherwise.

I love Diablo IV. Best writing Blizzard has ever done. That's all I really wanted. But I don't play it that much. I don't have to. I love that too.
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First encounter with him in 3.21 Crucible. Final boss of the Map most certainly. In the end even he can get crit to death by a lucky streak of SST hits given enough dmg, crit multi and attack speed.
This is why Hall of Grandmasters needs to go

Also just why?
Maybe using the correct pre-casting + frost bomb, whispering ice build can get him.
I farmed hogm easily this league, only putrefyrotspoilfester gave me trouble sometimes.
Second-class poe gamer
looks same as my pally in d2 who absorb all elemental as heal
my pally had also 75% block and immune to any elemental even with -res auras and curse from necro, lul
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