Microtransaction Concept Art

love the blurry effect on the helmet of the Direblade, why cant we have nice things like that in-game xD?
demonic map , waypoint and armor look juicy
The game begins with a very dark medieval fantasy background, and gradually develops into a space futuristic fantasy game where you shoot laser guns.
Keep with the dark themes, the game has an aesthetic, i can understand branching off for leagues and doing the odd fun mtx.

but the way scourge looks, the mobs and the visuals fit this game so well. more of that, the whole evil monster look just makes me want to play more, it suits how you want the game to go with the hardcore arpg. i can expect a 8ft demon with 3 mouths to kill me in one shot... not some 2 legged fuzzy thing shaded blue where i dont really know what it is.

We're pretty much dying here to get some info about 2022. Pass it on.

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