New Core Supporter Packs Available Now!

DarthSki44 wrote:
Releasing the new 1 year core supporter packs, at the end of a dead league, with little to no fanfare or hype, with most folks at GGG not even in the office.

The 2021 rev numbers must be really bad....

Last year packs went live about the same time as this one (, with little to no fanfare or hype, with most folks at GGG not even in the office

The 2020 rev numbers must be really bad....

(edit: and same the year before)
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TheAshmaker wrote:
Whats this? You want my money and support? Oh ok…well is Harvest from 3.13 back in the game? It isnt? Ok well how about fractured delirium maps? No to that as well? What about ultra deep delve? Not really. Well than thats a big screw you!


Also so many skill gems now in the trash bin.
Sinse 3.13. Much more than how many new ones viable.
Go looks Thiago Lehmann art.. This dude work is insane.. Id buy the 400 pack just for the tarots.
Going to wait to purchase any new supporter packs until the infinite loading screen/constant instant crashing that started for a lot of people in scourge is fixed.
good packs, lets go B)
I don't like even one of new packs. They are really boring and mediocre for the price.
Being the sucker for MTX that I am I will probably have to buy these again, though I did not purchase the Atlas Core for 2020.

That said I generally love the sets but small details do bug me, e.g. the eyes on the Nullifier Portal creature - they are too big imho and don't feel very menacing or empty.

Ravager is probably my least favorite but the portal and weapon I think are amazing.

I do not own the Primordial Dread set yet so Imperator would be a good bargain. I really want the Dread shield skin though but 90$ does seem a bit high now that Imperator is out. Which to me is design-wise the biggest bargain, I just personally love these menacing metal themes.

The weapon skins in general look really nice but I wish they would have added some spice in the form of some new premium content especially in the higher tier packs.

How about a 240$ exclusive Hideout? A bunch of hideout effects?
Maybe some reskin-options in terms of color palette? I think the community has some good ideas here. It should be noted that of course not everyone will always be happy, I would hate to have to make a decision on what to put in packs. Some prefer pets, others hate them, some like wings etc. Overall for this year the feel is too conservative for me though.

Still solid purchases in my book, even though not perfect by any means.
The Tarots are a nice addition and probably resellable if you do not want to keep them.

I am looking forward to the new expansion, if this is a teaser of things to come I am guessing 5 new lieutenants of some sort of new uber boss possibly tying in to the Maven - They are coming! as the Envoy said. In a way the packs also have a sort of Elder flair e.g. Incinerator as the big brother of the Enslaver. Maybe lore wise they are at a similar power level to the Elder or slightly higher. Nullifier also perfectly fits this Void / Maven theme.
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Meh. Nothing special. The old packs where better.
The music is sooooooooooooo good ^_^

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