3.16.2 Hotfix

3.16.2 Hotfix:

  • Significantly increased the experience gained from killing Heist monsters in areas below level 68.
Last bumped on Dec 25, 2021, 12:42:18 PM
I'm already 72
I'm already level 77
Ayyy nice. I'll actually try and push to 68 then.

Hopefully it's possible to level up past 68 as well.
I wish they would allow contraband currency to stack.... Nothing like needing to pick up 5 slots of id scrolls and another 3 or 4 for portal scrolls.....
Excellent fix. Should have happened earlier, this should have been picked up in playtesting.

But better late than never
Le Toucan Will Return
Level 76 checking in
I'm already level 100. what a dogshit is.
Last edited by btsJungkook on Dec 20, 2021, 1:43:30 AM
Is this just for the duration of the race or permanent?
I wonder if Hillock-Senpai will notice me when I go to town??
Way too late. I'm 81 and stopped caring already.

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