Imbue your Scourge Arrow with colour with the new Stygian Scourge Arrow Effect! The cosmetic effect replaces the standard visuals of this skill gem with glowing blue ones. Watch the video below or click here to get yours.

If you can't get enough of stygian blue, use a combination of the Stygian Necrolord Armour Set, Stygian Necrolord Cloak, Misery Weapon and the Stygian Weapon Effect as an outfit.

Thanks for your support!
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Now... make it do damage.
The reason the skill has 0.4% usage rate in Expedition and 0.1% usage rate in Scourge is obviously a lack of beautiful MTX.
Problem: impostor syndrome
Solution: nerf everything
Result: depressing mess
Looks nice, but can it kill white mobs?
Mtx is nice but before you reach even 2 charges you're already dead in scourge
Pretty cool iiyraUwU
It looks good, I mean the color. At least it makes the skill recognizable. But I really can't feel the sincerity behind this since it is just change the color from default effect. I think that is also another reason why people love celestial series, not only because the color style, but also most of the celestial effect is very different from default one.
no one play this skill why bother make mtx ?
you having wasting time ?
Now if the MTX just got rid of the "wind up" so it would be a playable skill, but 2 "delayed" release mechanics on 1 skill is rough. Delay while charging, then delay while spores pop.
Always loved the concept, can't stand the play style it's worse than totem set and wait.

I think the bolts of the MTX need to be more than just blue though, they should be small creatures that pop out and go across the screen. Cause really this looks more like Vaal power siphon than a unique skill / mtx.
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