Endless Delve SSF (DE001)

So far, amazing experience had 50k ping
why am i in a queue?
When does the event start for EU players?
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Streamer Prio
Endless Queue
Insta DC once you manage to get into the game

how do you manage to mess up every launch... so incredibly frustrating
Do HC chars that have died also enter the raffle? It seems also, that Delve SSF HC and Delve SSF share the same pool of raffles?

Its a bit sadge. :(
Can I delete my Character and still get a ticket for the random draw? My character slots are used up. So I would love to know this.
could you please make in such a way the exportable csv file also contains the DEPTH value?

at the moment it only contains:

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Just have a little question. Above lv95 means I only need to reach lv95 or I need to reach lv96?
Really fun event so far.

If I have one recommendation it would be to shorten the event to 5 days or even 3 days (over a weekend). 10 days is simply far too long.

Alternatively, the "race" concludes on the first 3 or 5 days and the remainder of the time can be used for more casual play and trying out new builds.

The availability of all the gems from start and the easy-in nature of a free delve allow for some great build experimentation opportunities not available in SC or HC without a significant time investment.

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