The Endless Delve Event

We're beginning the series of Path of Exile events with a 10-day Endless Delve on PC at noon December 3rd (PST)! Registration opens 30 minutes before the event begins.

Check out the full announcement to find out more about the event and its prizepool.

Cursed Supporter Pack is Available on Nexus

We're happy to introduce the Cursed Supporter Pack on Nexus! This means you can support your favourite streamer and get awesome new pirate-themed cosmetic effects. If you're not familiar with how Nexus works, check out this news post.

The Cursed Supporter Pack costs 60 USD and contains 200 points, an Armour Set, an alternate helmet, footprints and a pet. Watch the video below:

Please note that the Cursed Boots look like a peg leg only when equipped with the Cursed Body Armour, they'll look like regular boots with all other body armours.

To purchase the Cursed Supporter Pack, follow your favourite streamer/creator's link to their Nexus store. Please note that this Supporter Pack is available only on Nexus and won't appear in the Path of Exile store.
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Grinding Gear Games
oh shit i can be double cursed now ty ggg
Was not fun having to stay quiet about the Cursed Supporter Pack this last couple days.

Looks good though!

(yep, I'm one of the people with a nexus store,
Le Toucan Will Return
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GGG imagine if Poe was fun in standard. Now make changes to the game so Poe standard is fun. Thanks
Last edited by aneruok1 on Dec 2, 2021, 4:06:24 PM
I like it, but you know there will be a flood of complaints about only 200 points. Sadge

I'm happy with it.
Only 1 true pirate on the 7 seas of wraeclast ;)
$60 for 200 pts?

No, thanks.
a singular alkParty
fat af boi

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