Release raging red sparks with the new Automaton Spark Effect! This cosmetic Skill Effect replaces the standard blue Sparks with a red effect that matches the Automaton theme. Check it out below or get yours here.

Check out Automaton Spark Effect in action with the Automaton Necrolord Armour Set and the Automaton Necrolord Cloak!

Thanks for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Make Spark Great Again
I want Charged Dash automaton effect >.<
not bad
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Love Automaton and Demonic MTX.
The shocks still appear to be white though which is a letdown.

Hope it gets the same treatment Stygian Firestorm and such got with the ignites finally being changed to be blue.

you mad lads finally did it!

another spell crossed off my list! :D
The shock should be red color to match the theme :(
awesome to finally get a new spark mtx (and it looks great), but the white shock explosions completely ruin the effect. echoing other people when I say I think this should be changed.

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