New Path of Exile Merchandise Store!

Sad about missing 3xl and 4xl sizes.
Posted this jinx merch on reddit few days ago and got hate for it.
Shaper & Malachai are awesome!
Love the t-shirt with the cats :)
If priced on par with mtx the shirts would be 600$
Too much censorship that you never even see. Totally removed posts and silenced accounts across all communities.
Looking good. Great if there was a new T-shirt for every league ^^
Would you consider doing a Poe zip hoodie? I bought a starcraft 2 Zerg hoodie from jinx 9 years ago, custom zip, inner lining and outside design. It is still lasting.
Fuck my life! I finally bought the harvest core supporter pack for the 2 shirts few weeks ago cause i was tired of waiting for this. FUCK!
Shaper shirt!
To accept a challenge from the Void is merely suicide for the unprepared.
Nice, these are much cheaper than the core supporter pack T shirts

~~I'm still waiting for~~

edit: Which just arrived and I'm impressed with the quality!

How long did they take to arrive?

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