New Microtransaction: Sunprism Wings

B-e-a-utiful! Totally gorgeous! Two thumbs up!
That's a lot of wings.
fried chicken wings
Don’t know if I want this… -_-
Man would be prettttty cool if you could actually find good looking armor in game, without paying for it.
Omlawd they're gorgeous O-O
The skin is nice but they move awkward and kinda look static when running 6/10 at most.
Is this more stripes more Adidas or something?
FightFW wrote:
CantripN wrote:
Fear Not!

Wow, where does this image come from? it's amazing

Looks like something Kentaro Miura could have drawn (Berserk Manga).
May he rest in peace.
Last edited by Psykrom on Nov 29, 2021, 5:35:50 AM
Too many wings for one set of wings. Wings in gerneral are usually waaaay too large in PoE, i LOVE wing cosmetics in games, but in PoE they are usually so big its ALL you can see of your character whgen you have them equiped, Sadeg. I would like to see same style and aesthetic of wings you have been prtoducing, but make them smaller scale so you can still see at least half of the rest of your characters body as you are running around with wings equipped. TY
Thank you for making such an awesome f2p game for us! <3 cant wait to see the next league!

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