[3.16][HC][SSF][MaxBlock][Tanky][Any Items]8K+HP Herald of Agony+ Cyclone Gladiator (Hex Toxinator)🐍

RisenHell666 wrote:
raz_raziel wrote:
Hey I am doing your build and it is very tanky...but I feel that my damage is too low. I am having trouble killing t5 boss maps.


Could you please take a look in what should I invest now and if everything is right?
I got like 3 ex to invest

Hello there & welcome to my build guide,

After analyzing your character's POB Pastebin, and based on your current League Type/Level/Budget/Progress, I recommend the following Improvements/Changes/Deviations:
Huge DPS Boosts:
Since you are currently playing in Softcore Trade League, you can afford to lower defense a bit
& leave only the core defensive mechanics active in order to boost your DPS:

-You are currently using a Pseudo 5L helmet with Minion Damage built in:
(Replace Minion Damage gem with "(Awakened)Vicious Projectiles")

-Use Pierce for Mapping & Vile Toxins for Bossing
(These 3 gem changes will reserve more mana; therefore, you will need to remove:
Vitality & Dread Banner
(Now you should have enough mana even after the 3 Gem Changes)

-Add in Poacher's Mark & self-cast it on Bosses when needed
(Benefits: Life/Mana gained on hit/20% Reduced enemy physical damage reduction/
Grants frenzy charge when slain/Added physical damage for you & crawler)

-You can swap CWDT+Enfeeble+Withering step with CWDT(1)+Desecrate(7)+Spirit offering(8)
(Crawler gains 26% of its physical damage as extra chaos damage)

-Use Victario's Charity Shield for more frenzy charge generations for your crawler
while you use Cyclone. (Since you can buy it from other players in Trade League)

-Remove Summon Stone Golem for an extra gem socket
-Use Hatred+Generosity
(When you have increased mana reservation efficiency for any of your auras
from Labyrinth Helmet Enchantment/Or when you have at least one Circle of Nostalgia Ring
with increased HOA's mana reservation efficiency)

-Add in Renewal/Pure Agony Medium/Large cluster jewels
(Raising both virulence stacks cap & minion damage)

-Linking Stone Golem(If you have still have an extra gem slot available) with Feeding Frenzy
(Granting 10% (More Minion Damage/Increased Minion Movement Speed/
Increased Minion (Attack/Cast) Speed

-Wearing two Circle of Nostalgia Rings
(Increases Herald of Agony's mana reservation efficiency so that we can use Hatred
& additional Auras such as Dread Banner/Vitality while boosting crawler's damage tremendously)

-Allocate the entire wheel of Gravepact to gain increased Minion Damage/Accuracy
& anoint "Ravenous Horde" instead
(You can allocate additional minion damage nodes to increase DPS even further,
but doing so will hurt your defenses a lot)

-Look for a +3 to level of socketed minion gem helmet for one extra HOA level

-Look for an "Hunter Influenced" Amulet with "+1 to level of all Dexterity skill gems"
(Boosting (Herald of Agony & Hatred)s' Levels By 1)
Defense+Quality of Life Boost:
-Replace your current claw with a Rare (44+ Life Gained On Hit Version)
(This will increase your LGOH from 256+HP/sec to 500+HP/sec
because we don't do enough damage with Cyclone to benefit from using %Damage Leech)
DPS+Defense Boosts:
Since you are using a 6L Body Armour, I recommend:
-Putting Faster Attacks in place of Decoy Totem in body armour as the optional 6L
(Benefits: Faster Shield Charging/More LGOH/Faster virulence stacks generation
from increased attacks per second
-Swapping out Vitality & placing Decoy Totem there
-Use Withering Touch instead of Faster attacks as the optional 6L
(Benefits: More damage for Crawler from our ability to inflict withered stacks on enemies,
withered enemies take increased Chaos damage)

-More Damage for Crawler with:
(Up to 15 withered stacks at 6% increased chaos damage taken per stack
= up to 90% increased chaos damage taken by enemies, each stack lasts 2 seconds)
-Less LGOH for us from slower attack speed

-Bench crafting "X% Chance to blind enemies on hit"(Prefix) on your claw
(Blinded enemies have 20% less accuracy, making it even harder for them to hit us)
-Bench crafting "Minions deal X% increased damage(Prefix)" on your rare claw
(Small boost to crawler's DPS)
With all of these changes in effect, this will become a completely different new build variation
that will still have vigorous defenses set in place for suvivability.

For non-HCSSF players, the changes are tolerable from a Defensive standpoint,
and will provide significantly more DPS for non-HCSSF players. However, this modified version
will be a lot less tanky than my original version which was optimized specifically for HCSSF,
as we only have one chance to survive. Therefore, in my original HCSSF version,
I will always prioritize Defenses over Offenses.
*Alternative Suggestions/Variations:
I recommend to also take a look at Orion's Barrage HOA Champion version
for SC/HC Trade Leagues as you have access to unique items
& hard to acquire cluster jewels from trade.
(Orion's version has approximately 6K+HP/1M DPS with roughly 7K LGOH using 6L Barrage,
but is not suitable for HCSSF due to using hard to acquire Cluster Jewels/Unique Items
& no blocking/passing through enemies for core Offenses/Defenses.
(Overall Rating: Less life & no block, but best for maintaining max Virulence stacks/
7K LGOH against single targets. It is Long Range as well so that you can
snipe from afar for safety.)
-Forum Thread For More Details:
3.16 HC HOAG Champ. ~7k Life Gain on hit/sec vs. single target. All Content

I also built a Champion version of this gladiator with Permanent Fortify
& Capped Evasion + Wind Dancer Node which also uses HOA+Cyclone here:
-9K+HP Glancing Blow Max Block(75/75)
95% Evasion/100% Spell Suppression/Permanent 20 Fortification

Herald of Agony+Cyclone Champion
(Venomous Fortifier)💪

-A Barrage+(Vaal)Molten Shell Variant is there as well under "Variations"
(Abilities: Max Defense & Capped (Vaal)Molten Shell for HCSSF, close to being immortal
when we have (Vaal)Molten Shell active)

Feel free to check them all out when you have some extra free time=)

This is my pob updated with the changes you mentioned.
The damage is nice now. Doing t15 maps, doing map bosses is a bit slow still even with vile toxins but doable.

Is there any way to swap stone golem for other stuff, I find it dies pretty quick and it is a pain to re summon it eveytime.

raz_raziel wrote:
This is my pob updated with the changes you mentioned.
The damage is nice now. Doing t15 maps, doing map bosses is a bit slow still even with vile toxins but doable.

Is there any way to swap stone golem for other stuff, I find it dies pretty quick and it is a pain to re summon it eveytime.

Hello again,
Glad to hear that your DPS is much nicer now.
Don't forget to swap Vile Toxins back to Pierce after Bossing for the best clear speed in maps!

Due to one less socket from using Circle of Nostalgia instead of an Unset ring
& for your current skills & gears, I recommend:

-Stone Golem (Much less life & more fragile than Necromancer's Version)
-Feeding Frenzy (Very minor DPS & minion speed loss)

Moving & Adding Back:
-Glove: (Dread Banner/Flame Dash)/Tempest Shield/Vitality
(So that you no longer have to weapon swap anymore when teleporting.)

-Claw: (Decoy Totem)/Enduring Cry/Poacher's Mark
(Decoy Totem keeps us safe in most situations
with Taunts/Distractions/10% Less damage taken from hits)

*If you have a Divergent variant of Decoy Totem,
it can even regenerate 20% of life per second to achieve self-sustainability!

Good luck making your way to Level 100!
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