Fan Art Competition Highlights

Lolozori should win first prize! That would be hilarious, but completely apt.
Apt, apt, apt.
All are amazing but that Little Witch story has me all krangled up! Love it!
Great Work there all of them
Ok, 'little witch and the krangler' is realy awesome!
Dark, cute and funny :)
Last edited by Rekill on Nov 24, 2021, 8:17:19 AM
Little witch story its the best. Everything she say is true GGG make this league just to troll us, the "krangler" that she call its a pile of garbage never give a single good item so far. They make 4 new good items but only streamers go get them cuz they have God bless RNG from GGG side like always. Again one more league for streamers that are 0,01% of the players base of POE so basically GGG say f**k you to the 99,9% of rest of players. Nothing new right? Shame on you GGG
Great artwork as always!

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