We've just introduced the Celestial Scourge Arrow Effect to the store. This cosmetic replaces the standard visuals of Scourge Arrow Skill Gem with golden pyramids that explode with cosmic arrows. Watch the video below or click here to check out this microtransaction in the store.

To reflect the theme of this Skill Effect in your outfit, use the Celestial Necrolord Armour Set with the Nightfall Wings, Innocence Character Effect and the Direblade Weapon.

Thanks for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Oh it's beautiful.
Illuminati scourge arrow, Nice !
Daaaaamn! That's beautiful!
eyes hurt from it. It flashes too much.
Where is the midnight pact armor pack
looks great, I hope some day we get celestial bane
Really beatiful. Just need to get a good Scourge Arrow build now.
amazing work, cant get enough of youre celestial designs. How do you get scourge arrow to stick in the ground multiple times then shoot in circles tho? Or is it this new MTX that makes it shoot like that?

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