New Microtransaction: Demonic Map Device

Now, a Celestial theme pls
Really cool map device! I take it that it does not have a compact version to it as it wasn't shown, correct?
Holy shit that is sick!
Cool and all but lame that it doesn't have a small version. 😕
wtf so cool :o
I like big map devices but it's kind of annoying having to go to a specific spot to place the map, that's why I stopped using the miracle one, I imagine this one is the same. IMO it would not be that weird if you could access any where around it.
That's very sexy, but doesn't it have a small version too? It would be awesome if these MTX devices had a small variant too, as this is what most of us use I think. And even more awesome would be if we got a MEDIUM map device! The small one is small, but the big one is too big and mapping is not very comfortable with it sometimes. And it barely fits in a lot of hideout spaces.
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I am quite saddened by how limited this decoration is.

It is a wonderful sculpt and item for a hideout however even with such an amazing 3d animation we are stuck with the black demonic stone. We could have had snow tiles sand tiles etc etc all with the floating map device in chains.

If i am paying for an MTX I'd love to be able to customise two parts of it.

1 as mentioned before the stone colour.
2 the colour of the lighting

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