[3.21] Megachonk RF Jugg | Ultra Tanky + Endgame Viable + Very good starter

Hello what 5 support skills would u out with RF? I got an empower lvl 3 but don't know what to out it with
Ramone1337 wrote:
devon752 wrote:
Ramone1337 wrote:

Can you check


First one has the determination enchant, but no 30% elemental damage. I have to remove awakened burning damage support.

Which gem should i use there? Any advice to improve the character?

I did almost everything with your build!

The bottom one is better since it has life + 2 links. Top one is just 2 links. As for the enchant, try to get something useful on the bottom one, this build has no problems running uber.

Thanks for answering!

And now? i crafted life to top one

Efficacy instead awakened burning damage?

My 2 cents: you should try and roll your helmets with Essences of Horror until you get burning support. With both suffixes, you can use (ideally Awakened) Elemental Focus, and Lifetap+Swift Affliction, with much more damage than your actual setup and the same AoE (as increased AoE and Concentrated Effect compensate one another). On top of it, you can upgrade your helmet later by rolling only prefixes with metacraft or harvestcraft.
Hi! First of all, thank you very much for making the first build that sent me to end game, easy to learn and play.

I got really lucky since first day, a lot of items that helped me sustaining RF, +1 fire and some fire mods sceptre from my first blue print (it's when my heist addiction started!) and basically, i farmed a lot of gem blueprints with 0 dps tank build.

As I was getting close to 36 challenges, I tried to craft my helmet, and it went surpriselly well. Hit lv20 burning damage + t2 fire res in 4th horror, then i tried some "reforge keep suffix" and again in the 4th attempt, got lv20 conc effect and t2 life. After that, I invested a lot in my build, trying to get higher dps and survivabillity to complete simulacrum. RN i'm only getting to wave 26/28, if you could give me some tips do progress, cause i'm really noob at this game LOL!

Here's my pob: https://pastebin.com/Vm7k3LnX
Hey guys,

One thing you can try to increased even more dps is to craft some gloves with warlord influence for extra damage over time.

Also, thank you for the build i am enjoying this so much!

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Hello, sorry if this might be a stupid question, but in the PoB where the Skills are listed, Searing Bond is linked with Combustion, but it doesn't seem to have an effect?
Also, why would we use Leap Slam & Shield Charge together?
both are nice, leapslam clears gaps, and shield charge is fast, if you dont mind spending a bunch of cash, you can get a ..phantasmal one i think? that has quality to speed, then itll be pretty quick then you can just use leap slam
hello, first of all i would like to thank you for the build which is reallyyyy pleasant to play with, i think my favourite one

i have a question, might be pretty stupid, but i'm a pretty stupid guy so, no surprise here : i decided to choose the blessing setup instead of flamewall for my gloves, put arrogance instead of blood magic, but my trouble is that malevolence refuse to cost life instead of mana

i dont understand why, is it because of the arrogance instead of blood magic ? i'm sorry english is not my native so maybe i missed something in the description of those skills

thanks for your help
yes you have to use lifetap for it to function
oohh ok, thanks a lot !
hello, it"s me again xD

i'va a question about the 3.18 changes : we dont use molten shell anymore, do we loose tankiness so ? i ask because no defensive layers replace it

thanks a lot

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