Scourge Fan Art Competition

2nd entry, "My scourge league experience"

Some event and things I met so far this league

I made a tornado build (sort off), went summon skeleton, tried some ball Lightning build, got killed by a dropbear, enjoyed few plagues of rats, decided to try again my SRS-crow mtx build, Got out of mana a lot and farmed those new scourge currencies for chaos.

All of that on a witch because that s what I play most of the time XD.
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Weaked Combatant

quick sketch..

.. its a manifest!
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Inspired by the "Poisonous Concoction"

My First Entry. Second Entry will upload soon.

"Release the Scourge"
I do Art
Good luck to all! =)

Face The Neckmare -

(textless version:
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Scourge trio :)


I dont play as much as used to but always enjoy ingame designs, love what you do :)

Good luck to everyone, lots of great works!
hi I draw stuff

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