Burn your enemies to the ground with a new Direblade Incinerate Effect! This cosmetic replaces the standard effects of Incinerate with glorious blue and purple flames. Check it out by watching the video below or get yours here.

To complement the fiery nature of Direblade Incinerate, use a combination of the Purple Pyre Knight Armour Set with the Darkshard Cloak and the recently released Direblade Weapon Skin.

Thank you for your continued support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Fire damage blight, nice
purpley bluey, i-ey likey
ign crixus_sabr
Revert Incinerate and I might buy it.
Synthesised Synthesis of Synthetic Synthesising
Revert 3.7 melee changes | Tfw Synthesis still not core | REVERT SUNDER
IGN: JustineㆍFlorbelle [Removed by Support] imagine being a forum janitor lmao
i cry for red ignite
where i see purple, i see my wallet opening
Meh. Just use Blight.

EDIT: ...or blue incinerate, for 7% of the price.
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I remember when people actually used this skill back in the day
Orange Incinerate: Free
Blue Incinerate: 10 points
Purple Incinerate: 140 points

As cool as this one looks, it is a hard sell.

Really wish that this game did something like what warframe does with color palettes. Color customization choices while still monetizing it.

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