New Microtransaction: Direblade Incinerate Effect

kole wrote:
Revert Incinerate and I might buy it.

Second that, played it a league or two ago, pretty meh. Used to be one of my favorite builds. Cosmetic looks alright tho, but it's just not super fun to play.
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Incinerate finally getting a new skin is nice, but it's a shame that it doesn't re-color the ignites it applies as well. After all, Incinerate is built around ignites: not just the guaranteed ignite by the final wave, but is often built with enough crit (and thus crit-applied ignites) to make use of Elemental Overload.

So seeing the default orange flame for ignited enemies is slightly disappointing.
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The vast majority of skill effects (and mtx generally) are simply are unacceptable. The devs like to gut skills, so right away they are a poor investment even as a toy purchase. There's no exchange/gift system in the worst case of after the fact skill ruin, they cost as much as entire games even if completely beautiful, and they are often phoned in pallet swaps that require multiple copies. (as with invisible dyes)

This game is becoming quite intolerable. Spending further money amounts to taxation without representation.
Scourge league stuff is crap except challenge rewards, changes to base game and tree are quite nice.
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ignite still red

also its shit skill
looks great! literally my fav colour scheme :D Never play magic tho Sadge
i really wonder why you chose to make an mtx for incinerate. i do not know of a single person who has played this for years. and at the same time, i wouldve expected an mtx for poison concoction
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would be nice if you would optimize ur game at first, so we could use and feel all those nice MTX things..=/ cant see a reason to buy more of them, cause in lagspikes its hard to feel them anyway.
Looks cool but in the current state incinerate is unplayable with 3.2s base cast time to reach maximum stage, it feels really awful during map because even with 100% cast speed you still need to stand there for 1.6s or the aoe will be pitiful.
I actually wanted to leaguestart this skill until they vaporized the channeling and infusion nodes, sadge

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