Add a stylish accent to your outfits with the new Oblivion Hood and Onyx Oblivion Hood. These alternative helmets introduce another option of customising the appearance of your Exiles. Watch their videos below or click here to get yours.

The Oblivion Hood naturally looks great with other Oblivion effects from the store, but it will also fit any armour set designed in black and blue colours. Check out how well it complements the Misery Armour Set, Wings and Weapon:

The Onyx Oblivion Hood is adorned with gold and will look good with the Lightbringer Armour Set, Angelic Wings, Colossus Axe and the recently released Onyx Oblivion Weapon Effect. Have a look at the ensemble below:

Thanks for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
usually prefer hoods but meh
Watching the world burn...
Next skyrim hood?
Still having a love affair with D2R
Not buying anything for many reasons, mainly terrible perfomance. This league also introduced some weird latency issues if u move a short distance.
You deleted all the good maps and kept all the new maps from tencentmappack.rar?
Most of those new maps have a color scheme based on a book called 50 shades of sh*t.
I run New World ~perfect 60fps and i cant run pepega of exile at above 10 fps in maps during fights like you serious?
Really like both of these, goes great with alot of different setups.
How does one see with those on your head?
This game seems to have a trend of making helmets for people without eyes. :S
They look nice though.
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