3.16.0c Hotfix

GGG remove monsters dmg buff pls! just remove it completely!!!
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Ok, at first (the first, second day in league, basicly Act1-10) I had a blast!
Then I got a downo, and now since this C patch, its just awesome! The drops in Nightmare feel soo much bettter, tier 5 Maps are giving rewards left and right!

I kinda like the League, at first not so much but mate, once your build is rolling its so much fun!
"Fixed a bug that could cause your map portals to disappear until you reentered your hideout."

Uh, nope.

Game crashes, disconnects, changing zones not resolving. (Yes, as of 3.16 and not before.)

[Removed by Support]

Fix it. FFS.
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"Fixed a bug that could cause your map portals to disappear until you reentered your hideout."

happen to me just now.. another bug?
They've had map problems, disconnects, and portals disappearing permanently with instance problems/crashes since the game was created. Apparently, they can't go back n fix important things, because they have to keep dishing out lovely content like Scourge krangles and rips from random 1-2 shots within .2 seconds because it's more important for revenue.
SSF, because Path of Trade RMTers and bots suck.
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