3.16.0 Hotfix 2

AShugars wrote:
Vaqic wrote:
Anything to fix crashes when entering zones?

I was wondering this myself. I have had more crashes this league trying to enter a new zone than in any other league combined.

Yep. Either they don't know about it or don't have an answer for it. Either way, the game is unplayable currently.
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Finally GGG. Can finally continue playing

EDIT: Dont know if it still Scorching Ray related but crashing when using WP occassionally...
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Please fix links in chat bug!!!!!

can't stress how annoying this is
Fixed a bug where remaining portals for Zana missions were closing earlier than they should.

Zana is still bugged. Whenever I use Zana's portal, I lose one of my original portals to that Zana's map. And if there are no more original portals, and you happen to be on Zana's map, you can't return to previous map anymore.
item links in chat still broken...

every single time i start a map for the first time after logging in, first portal just drops the game back to desktop with no error...

first time i had a ritual altar resurrect the map boss that was not possible to kill. map boss came back to life and was about 1/4 the size of the screen and could do no damage to it at all. after 5 minutes, it finally killed me with a full ritual circle aoe with no where to avoid it. garbage mechanic...

had an issue yesterday where i would go into the mines and according to the game, i was no longer in a guild till i went back to HO and back to mines. happened twice...

new league, still play standard, and GGG STILL can't get things right after how many years.

guessing that in a few more days, or less, MTX will start rolling out again like clockwork before things get fixed
poe is going down fast. playing Last Epoch now. much better game
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