3.16.0 Hotfix 2

hi i would like to buy your _ listed for 1c in Sell tab (memes aside pls fix the items link)
where is ctrl+alt click fix(link items) ?
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Thank you for fixing Zana. Awful bug.
Vixen's Entrapment there is always big trouble
all curse gems to much mana cost
x4 curse gem use in gloves and one spell for triggers x4 = tooo much mana cost

GGG why not fix for Vixen's Entrapment triggers free mana cost???
Very sad!
Where is Elemental Overload fix, 2 days no work that KEYSTONE!!
I had my map close when I finished my conqueror (Veritania) and went to go do a trade really quick. I was still planning on looting some stuff and finishing the Scourge mechanic but it just closed the map.

This was AFTER the hotfix so it seems it's still not quite fixed.
I did pick up the watchstone if that matters, though I don't think it should since missing it still just drops it off with Zana.
Still waiting for skill tree crashing the game fix :v
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Vaqic wrote:
Anything to fix crashes when entering zones?

I was wondering this myself. I have had more crashes this league trying to enter a new zone than in any other league combined.
Any fix for random crashes with "Unable to deserialise packet..." ? Checked my connection so many times already and its not the problem. Sometimes happen 3 minutes playing sometimes happen in an hour.
Thanks. There is also a Bug where Skelton minions continue fighting with invisible monsters after returning from the scourge world.

Also getting totally random crashes.

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