New and Changed Gems in Path of Exile: Scourge

not bad
So it begins!
Bad Seed
Wasn't flame surge also changed? Or was that just the burning ground effect?

EDIT: oops, missed it, it's there ...
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Let's goooo
Oh boy Purifying flame totems are back on the menu
It's like frostblades is like the only skill that dodged the nerfs

Guess this makes it a buff!
rip fireball

Is there any chance we could also get a list of the new Cluster Jewel Notables as well as their effects?
My HC Race & PVP Rewards collection at /3140751. Please help me locate the few missing ones!
we are missing some gems is that because their unchanged or havent been able to get the numbers yet or because shadow nurf and ur hiding these changes
you see on Tornado gem the tags have "orb" and it says you can only have 1 so would GMP be able to make more than 1 Tornado as it would interact with moving ore "orbs" would it not or have i got that wrong?

also on AW Gem is ADDED lightning dam and added Cold Dam not been changed? just added fire has so just wondered whats happened to them or are they just the same? or is this just a taster of some changes
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