Scourge Item Filter Information

Didn't they say that the Expedition scarabs will be unobtainable though, just as replacements for Standard's Perandus ones? Or is that just for Incubators?
I hope that when the world comes to an end I can breathe a sigh of relief; because there will be so much to look forward to.
Gems.. when?
"New Item Filter Functionality

Added Item Filter support for Scourged Items
Added Item Filter support for Blight Ravaged Maps
Added capacity to filter for Base Defences on Base Item Types"

Nice, but how does it work? Scoured and Blight Ravaged are probably just boolean values and work like Elder and Shaper items.
But how does the Base Defence filter syntax work?
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No more enchanted and encrusted fossils? Hmm, pity but probably a good change.
Oh yay, my new card The Rabbit's Foot is going in this league, hyyyype :D
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people in this thread asking thousands of questions how item filters will work lol
you dont need to know, dont fool urself
Any info available conc the new fossils?
I might have missed something in the earlier posts, but what was so wrong with Encrusted Fossils? (I think I understand for the Enchanted.)
i hate that every single time a new league comes out i have to go to a 3rd party and download and set up a 3rd party tool (item filter) to start playing the new league.

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